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STEM Impact Centre Kenya

The STEM Impact Centre Kenya is a youth development non-profit organization that leverages Science, Technology, and Innovations (STI) to enhance technical skills development, youth empowerment, employment creation, entrepreneurship, and innovation. <p></p> Mission & Vision Statement <br> <mark>To deliver equitable and high-quality education by providing an innovative learning environment that promotes youth skills development supports sustainable communities, and promotes economic growth through STEM.</mark> <p></p> Our Core Values <br> - Social Responsibility: We are dedicated to positively impacting and promoting the well-being of the communities we serve. <br> - Integrity: We operate with honesty and transparency, and adhere to high ethical standards. <br> - Inclusivity: We are committed to providing an inclusive environment that respects and values equity, diversity, dignity, and respect for all. <br> - Collaborations: We believe nurturing relationships are foundational to our success and we incorporate partnerships to create value and maximize impact, innovation and longevity.

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Africa Digital Media Insititute

ADMI’s Programming Fundamentals certificate is designed to introduce basics of programming in different languages related to AR and VR with different purposes. Through a practice-based approach students will explore basic of C#, Unity and Blender. <p></p> Course Overview <br> Students will learn how to create virtual interactive elements, 3D art, principles of good software development, virtual and augmented projects management, and world building in Unity. <p></p> This will be taught within two projects over a span of 3 months each. <p></p>Course Units Covered: <mark> <br> - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming principles <br> - Introduction to Unity Editor <br> - Introduction to Creating interactive elements <br> - Introduction to 3D interactive art <br> - Principles of Good software development <br> - Project management <br> - World building in Unity using probuilder <br> - Revisiting 3D game art </mark>

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KodeWood School is a 21st-century career-focused online coding school for kids & teens around the world. KodeWood School is introducing a new model of higher education in which the school invests in the students, instead of the other way around. <p></p> KodeWood School was created in 2020 by a team of software engineers with a passion for code, mentorship, and education. Our aim is to continuously find the best ways to train the next generation of developers and transform the way tech education is delivered especially in Africa. 1 year later, we have introduced over 100 Kenyans to the practice of coding and launched 100+ graduates into careers as professional developers. <mark>With the support of a brilliant team of instructors and mentors who view coding as the ultimate craft, we continue to empower students, launch careers, and contribute to the incredible growth of Kenya's tech industry.</mark> <p></p> Our Vision <br> We envision a prosperous Kenya & Africa where all young people have the skills and confidence to harness the power of technology to create a better and more inclusive future. <p></p> Our Mission <br> <mark>To continuously find the best ways to train the next generation of developers and transform the way tech education is delivered especially in Africa.</mark> <p></p>OUR PROGRAMS <br> All coding sessions are 100% online and are perfect for kids, teens and adults. We offer multiple flexible support options for all our students! Beginners wanted and welcomed! <br> - Start with the basics <br> - No experience needed! <br> - Proper teacher support <br> - Flexible scheduling <br> - Work from home!!!

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Pwani Teknowgalz

We are a technology women-led, registered community-based organization that equips girls and young women in marginalized communities in Kenya with <mark>employable practical skills in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) with the aim of empowering them economically to have sustainable skills and contribute to the digital economy.</mark> We have pioneered and conducted a broad spectrum of programs on technology for young women in various counties and towns in Kenya. These include; Nakuru, Kisumu, Lamu, Mombasa and Nairobi. <p></p>Pwani Teknowgalz was started by passionate young women in tech Aisha Abubakar, Joan Nabusoba and Ruth Kaveke while studying Technology at Technical University of Mombasa. They were amazed by the low representation of women in technology in their class and were inspired to bridge this gap. So far we have worked with a total number of 6000 young women. The programs we run include STEM CAFE Kenya, Technovation, Codehack, Africa Code Week, Mombasa Girls in STEM and Django Girls.

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Azahub Coding Center

The Azahub learning programme offers high demand courses to beginners in the path of becoming excellent software & iot engineers. <p></p> <mark>One month deep dive in programming concepts, the terminal, source code management, client-server architecture, introduction to frontend, backend and databases.</mark>

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Mechatron Robotics - Mombasa

Mechatron Robotics in collaboration with Kidd- O Skillkit is entirely focused on preparing Kenyan young minds for the 4.0 Industry by providing through holistic programs with practical training methodologies core skills based on: Coding, Electronics, Robot Operating system, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, App Development, Embedded Systems using Arduino, Machine Learning and Raspberry Pi. Kidd-O Skillkit is a platform dedicated exclusively to educational advancement for the Kenyan community. <mark>Focused on our youngest minds, known as the Generation Alpha, our goal is to involve them and provide them with the technological skillset the world is currently demanding, a demand that will only grow in the future.</mark> This will also ensure a brighter future for them, closing the technological gap we currently suffers from.

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Computer Pride

Established in 1990, Computer Pride Ltd is one of the leading computer firms that have a centre that is specialized in providing training services on Information Technology. The company has also singled out itself as providers of up to date and thorough Total IT Solution. <p></p> Programming Courses <mark><br> - Development ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications <br> - Oracle Java Programming SE Fundamentals <br> - Python Programming <br> - Web design and development using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript </mark>

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STEM Impact Center

The STEM Impact Center Kenya is a mobile tinkering lab that provides creative space and resources for learners and educators to explore science, technologies, mathematics, engineering, and mathematics STEM) creative coding and physical computing. <p></p> What We Do <p></p> Student Program's <br> We engage students in tinkering in creative coding and robotics activities at all age groups and levels of education Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) tinkering activities. <p></p>Teacher Program's <br> We engage teachers in processional development to enhance ICT integration in the classroom and to be able to support students in creative thinking, problem solving ideation and innovations. <p></p>Project Implementation <br> We collaborate with different organizations, NGO`s private institutions and education stakeholders ie Ministry of Education among others to implement projects in STEM throughout East Africa region. <mark><p></p>Tech Prototyping <br> Do you have an idea or innovation collaborate with our diverse team of experts to design and develop prototype projects.</mark> <p></p>Tinkering Labs <br> We offer creative space for anyone to explore STEM activities, organize hackathons and competitions. <p></p>STEM Equipment Lending <br> Do you require equipment for your class? We equips our partner teachers with classroom kits of ready to use, hands on resources for teaching engaging lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

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Our main goal is to offer technology trainings with a focus on hands-on skills that are industry driven. We provide students with <mark>technical skills that enable them to secure employment or become self employed, integrate academics with critical thinking and problem solving skills, that develops the qualities and attitudes in order to promote successful and continuous innovation.</mark> <p></p> We are nationally recognized for providing a state-of-the-art learning environment in a wide spectrum of applied technology fields. Our programs include University Boot Camps, High Schools Trainings, Corporate Trainings, Mobile Software Development Programs, Data Science, IBM Certifications, Cyber Security and USSD. Modcom Institute was founded in 2016, we have offered skills based trainings and professionals courses to over 5,210 students and secured key partnerships with leading firms such as Google, Safaricom, IBM etc.

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Inceptor is the leading Innovation Centre in Africa offering Tech-Solutions & Training in Software Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design & Cybersecurity among other tech-skills programs. <p></p> Our Goal is solving the global tech-talent shortage by identifying the untapped brilliant talents; exposing them to learning opportunities at an elite level and placing them to work with partner companies looking for these talents as part of their team. <p></p> Inceptor helps businesses around the world to build remote teams quickly and cost-effectively through management of tech-solutions for companies in need of these talents to fulfill their growth needs. <p></p> Our headquarters is in Kenya with technologists in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda & Egypt. <p></p> What we do <mark> <br> - Live-project Training: We offer fully practical, personalized and objective-driven training aimed at equipping learners with competitive professional skills to advance in their career and perform at world class level.</mark> <br> - Placement: Through our placement program, over 75% of our students are absorbed by partner companies in need of professionals with these rare tech-skills talent to work with them. <br> - Mentorship: Luckily, our instructors are experienced technology experts already working in the industry. Through our Incubation Program, we help our students reach their full human potential by achieving their goals through training and supporting them to understanding and benefiting from opportunities in the technology space. <p></p> Why join us <p></p> By joining an Inceptor, you become part of our Tech Professional Community who collaborates with other professionals in learning, sharing of knowledge and giving value to the community; <br> - Objective Training. We offer goal-driven training based on a goal, passion and interest. <br> - Our training is skill-based, 100% hands-on practical & on Live-projects. <br> - Placement. We help in linking up qualified tech professionals to partner companies in need of these technologists. <br> - We have a tech incubation program for the students to work on live projects or clients’ gigs under our mentorship. <br> - We help our students in profiling & promoting their tech-skills talents. <br> - Seasoned trainers – Training by instructors who are experts already in the industry.

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eMobilis seeks to empower and upskill young people with ICT, Software Development, Data Science, Online Work and Digital Skills that <mark>enable them to thrive in the future of work and to put Kenya on the map for innovation and talent.</mark> <p></p> The mission of eMobilis is to create opportunities for African youth by training them on digital, software and other technologies that prepare them for the future of work by equipping them with marketable, industry driven skills. <p></p> Our goal is to ensure that our talented youth are available and trained in order to meet the growing opportunities and needs of the ICT Industry in Africa. <p></p> We also envision an explosion of technology innovation and the creation of successful tech ventures by local developers from across the country with a zeal for changing the world through harnessing the power of their technology training for social good.

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Institute of Software Technologies

We are a fully-fledged Kenyan Institution registered with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology (MOHEST), to provide Technical, Industrial, Vocational, and Entrepreneurship Training (TIVET). <mark>We offer courses in HTML/CSS.Java Programming For Beginners. Javascript programming. C++ Programming. Python Programming Advanced. Java Programming Advanced. Python Programming For Beginners. Web Development Advanced. Web Development For Beginners and more</mark>

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Digi Kids

digikids is Kenya’s leading STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education institute providing tailored coding programs for kids aged 6 to 17 years of age. Our classes comprise weekend coding classes, holiday coding bootcamps, and STEM workshops. <p></p> <mark>The digikids curriculum empowers students to develop programming skills, computational thinking, and a creative mind-set to become creators with technology.</mark> We ask our students two basic questions: How do you want to contribute to the World, to Humanity, when you grow up?What problem(s) would you like to solve?

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Tech Camp Kenya

We are a Technology company with a mission to build and develop skills of our technology enthusiaists by providing One-On-One Training and exclusive content through our structured learning bootcamps. <mark>Your exposure to the latest technological trends will greatly determine your success in the industry you are in.The aim of our Program is to shorten the gap between you and IT.</mark>

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Zalego Academy

Our work in Africa is focused on transferring knowledge and skills to meet current and future tech industry demand. Strong partnerships with industry for work experience, attachment, and job placement for our graduates. We are a preferred tech recruitment partner for 15 corporations in Kenya, and rapidly growing this network. Partnerships with over 300 schools and 12 universities in Kenya where we recruit new students <p></p> What we offer <br> There are courses under four core programs that are run under the umbrella of Capacity Building, which serve as the main platforms for discovering and nurturing talent, which is then channeled to industry through mentorship programs, job placement and hopefully in the near future, seed funding into business ideas. <p></p> Our Impact <br> Our work in Africa is <mark>focused on transferring knowledge and skills to meet current and future tech industry demand.</mark> Strong partnerships with industry for work experience, attachment, and job placement for our graduates. We are a preferred tech

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Moringa School

Moringa School is a multi-disciplinary learning-accelerator committed to closing the skills gap in Africa’s job market by providing transformative tech-based learning. Our curriculum is industry specific and blends technical education with life skill development and practical experience. We promote excellence and a strong sense of community whilst delivering accelerated learning programs. Ultimately, we seek to unlock a learner’s potential and help them build futures with greater confidence, capability and possibility. <p></p> We understand the investment of time and money that learners and their families put into education and the critical importance of gaining tangible growth and development during the time that is spent at a learning institution. <mark>Students want to be able to pursue their passion and ensure they achieve the necessary professional and personal skills from their chosen course.</mark> <p></p> Moringa School has helped over 3000 young people kick-start their tech careers since 2015. Employers who hire our graduates come back from more and over 80% of our past students tell their acquaintances, friends, and family to join. <p></p> Why Our Learning Model Works <br> Aside from the reasons highlighted above, our blended learning methodology works because of the following: <br>1. Location flexibility; you can access the course content anytime, anywhere. <br>2. Better ability to manage your stress and workload by learning at your own pace through our online system. <br>3. More effective interaction between instructors and students. <br>4. Hands-on, experiential learning, which leads to a deeper, more long-lasting grasp of key concepts. <br>5. Supportive community where students support each other and bond through their shared experiences. <br>6. Gain self-confidence by immersing in a community that fosters the value of proactive participation. <p></p> Our Graduate Support Program <br> Our Graduate Support Program provides all job-seeking alumni with a platform to engage with and learn from more than 80 potential employer partners. The program is made available to all alumni for up to 6 months post-graduation; a period in which they actively participate in coaching sessions and recruitment drives organized by us; in addition to mock-interview training that make them better equipped for their job searching journey.

Ubunifu College - school image
Ubunifu College

Ubunifu College is Premium school of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics & Blockchain. <p></p> Learning & Product development <br> Pick the pathway which fits your idea/Interest. During your time at the college, you wil be taught and at the same time you will be building your product <p></p> Startup School <be> <mark>While building your product, you will also be taught how to turn your idea into a company and building a unique business model around it. </mark> <p></p> Startup Launch & Incubation <br> After your course, your product will be ready for launch. This is where we will incubate your startup and provide you with resources for at least 6 months

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Zindua School

Learn to code. Launch your career in tech with Zindua School. Learn Software Development or Data Science in 3 to 9 months. You can defer up to 80% of your tuition fees to an income-share agreement. <p></p> Zindua (previously Chaptr Bootcamps) happens to be the first coding school in Kenya to offer <mark>income-share agreements for anyone seeking to learn Data Science or Web Development.</mark>Through their income-share agreements, you pay only what you can afford, learn first and pay the rest once you are earning. Their programs are entirely virtual (so you have no excuse regardless of where in Kenya you are) and they combine both curated content and live workshops by expert technical mentors. <p></p> Data Science <br> <mark>Learn all the fundamentals of programming, data analysis, data visualisation, machine learning, and big data engineering with Python and SQL.</mark> <p></p> Software Dev <br> <mark>Learn all the fundamentals of programming, frontend web dev, backend web dev, and systems engineering with Python & Django and JavaScript & React.</mark>