National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications - Digital Innovation - school image
National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications - Digital Innovation

The Digital Services Development engineer designs, develops and perfects application and software solutions, from the study phase to development, using the appropriate language for the benefit of a client or a company according to functional and specification. <p></p> With solid skills in IT development, student also <mark>masters concepts and technological environments that allow him to participate in their definition and structuring (databases, servers, etc.). Able to formalize the appropriate documentation (user guide, etc.), he can also be in charge of the maintenance and evolution of the product.</mark> <p></p> The skills to be acquired have been thought out and designed with a view to enabling the student's integration into the professional world, while meeting his training needs in terms of interactivity, know-how and interpersonal skills.

National School of Applied Sciences of Marrakech - Engineering school - school image
National School of Applied Sciences of Marrakech - Engineering school

This training cycle aims to train computer engineers capable of leading and intervening in the study and implementation of several computer projects. Students will be able to integrate teams of software development, design as well as programming, testing and integration of IT solutions. With this versatile training in the computer engineering cycle, engineers can analyze the needs of different users in terms of computer systems to set up a complete and adequate solution. <p></P> <mark>The students are trained to design innovative solutions and thus benefit from several disciplines in order to manage, plan and monitor the development and maintenance of appropriate solutions. The training mainly aims to provide engineers with the basic and dominant scientific foundations, the necessary technical expertise as well as cross-functional knowledge in management and means of communication in order to ensure better integration of the graduates into the national and international job market. </mark> <p></P> The ENSA Marrakech computer engineer can ensure with excellence the link between the know-how of the professional in the field and the design and development know-how of the engineer to finally participate in the complete process of setting up relevant solutions from the design to completion. The winners can intervene in several complex problems that require multidisciplinary skills in terms of network infrastructures, information systems, services and new information and communication technologies.

Superior Institutions of Science & Technology - school image
Superior Institutions of Science & Technology

The BSc Software Engineering bachelor degree programme is designed to develop your knowledge and expertise in designing, developing and delivering software solutions in a digital world. You will study a wide range of software development tools, methodologies and technologies to help you in this regard. <p></p> The course will also <mark>teach you about coding and software architecture so that you can create functional software applications and platforms.</mark> <p></p> In the initial year of the course, you will cover the basics of computer science to make your foundation strong, and after that the emphasis of the course will be on design and development of software for specific applications. In addition, you will also explore different architectural paradigms, including distributed and parallel computing. <p></p> The programme gives you the flexibility to specialise in specific domains within software engineering, like data security, network security, augmented and virtual reality, and web technology.

Hassania School Public Works - school image
Hassania School Public Works

This course is designed to train computer engineers capable of practicing in different fields of information and communication technology. Engineers trained in this way are IT generalists. They are equipped with solid methodological and technical bases allowing them to develop a set of skills that follow the evolution of technology and the socio-economic world, exploitable according to the requirements of the jobs and the characteristics of the individuals. By avoiding a strong specialization, this course facilitates their integration into the professional environment and offers them the best possible career development. <p></p> Training aims <p></p> Provide the engineer: <mark> <br> - A solid base in IT with good methodological and technical knowledge adapted to the needs of the job market; <br> - Of great versatility in Information and Communication Technologies; <br> - Of great managerial skills with a good knowledge of the company; <br> - Good training in IT project management; <br> - An openness to the socio-economic and socio-cultural world to prepare him for the role of actor in society.</mark> <p></p> Opportunities and benefits of training <br> Design engineer, Project manager, Development engineer, Network engineer, Network administrator, System administrator, Quality engineer, Security engineer, Consultant, Teacher, Researcher, etc.

School of Information Sciences - Rabat - school image
School of Information Sciences - Rabat

The purpose of the sector is to provide organizations and Moroccan society with highly qualified technological profiles likely to work in these fields, to exercise the trades and functions that result from them and to adapt to the changes and mutations that are required. <p></p> The content of the training for this sector takes into account the new changes that have generated new concepts or even new fields and disciplines: <br> - Digital society <br> - Information Society <br> - Business intelligence <br> - IS governance <br> - Ubiquitous system <br> - Digital transformation <br> - Economy of knowledge and knowledge <p></p> <mark>Opportunities <br> - Information Systems Engineer <br> - Software development engineer <br> - Software integrator consultant <br> - Urban planner – functional architect of the IS <br> - Web and mobile developer <br> - Full stack developer </mark>

Higher School of Technology Meknes - school image
Higher School of Technology Meknes

Train professionals specialized in the development of integrated applications or based on components, for the functions of analyst-programmer, application developer, developer of system-network solutions, industrial or maintenance programmer. More overall, <mark>we teach work-study students to adapt quickly to any environment work, by presenting them with a wide range of programming languages ​​and methods analysis and problem solving, with in-depth notions of project management, system and network.</mark> <p></p> OUTLETS: <br> - Project manager for the design and administration of application servers. <br> - Project manager for the design and development of distributed applications (Architecture n- third parties, .Net technologies, and J2EE) <br> - Database / systems / network administrator of a SMI / SME. <br> - Network administrator, system administrator, computer operating pilots, manager computer systems and networks, operating business networks <br> - SME IT Manager

HESTIM - Engineering & Business School - school image
HESTIM - Engineering & Business School

If you are passionate about the field of computer science, and you dream of a career in the field of artificial intelligence and software development as a computer engineer. The higher school of engineering and management offers you the possibility of following its training "Computer engineering and artificial intelligence" which will allow you to design computer systems for the diversified sectors of activity since artificial intelligence is used by multiple companies. <p></p> Indeed, HESTIM has created this Computer Engineering course with its two options "Software Engineering" and "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data". <mark>It thus aims to train students to apply creative thinking and algorithmic design.</mark> Not to mention the coding skills to build AI systems that are modern; through the appropriate algorithms corresponding to the processes to be created. While equipping them with a solid technical background highly qualified in programming skills, data analysis and mathematical modelling.

Institute of Management & Business Technology - Rabat - school image
Institute of Management & Business Technology - Rabat

The objective of the Computer Designer Developer Bachelor 's degree is to enable students to acquire the following skills: <mark><br> - Design and develop computer applications <br> - Develop web applications <br> - Create and manage databases <br> - Manage Computer Networks <br> - Automate one or more business processes</mark> <p></p> This Bachelor prepares you to become: <br> - System administrator <br> - Programmer <br> - Network administrator <br> - Webmaster <br> - Web designer

SUP'ISI - school image

This diploma is prepared in 3 years of training. Its objective is to train young experts in Computer Engineering capable of leading a project in all its phases, from the establishment of the specifications to its completion. It is issued by the American University of Professional Studies. <p></p> Opportunities <p></p> The graduate can occupy positions such as: <br> - IT Asset Manager <mark><br> - Senior Developer in Java - Dot Net <br> - Web and Mobile Developer</mark> <br> - Database Administrator <br> - Information System Designer <br> - Commercial Director of IT Products <br> - IT Trainer <p></p> 1st year <p></p>Algorithm, C Language, Data Structure, Introduction to Computers, Image Processing, FrontEnd Web Development, BackEnd Web Development in PHP, Javascript, Framework: Bootstrap, Database Handling, Computer Architecture, Network Architecture CCNA1 , CCNA2 Network Architecture, Computer Mathematics, Computer Logic, Business Organization, French, English, Desktop Project in C, Web Frontend Project, End of Year Project, Portfolio. <p></p>2nd year <p></p> Java Object Oriented Programming, PHP & Mysql Web Development, Java and SQL, DOT NET Development in VB.NET, Framework: Anular JS, Analysis and Design of Information Systems, UML, CCNA3 Network Architecture, Commerce, Resource Management human resources, Writing techniques, English, Project in Java development, Project in Web development, Project in VB.NET development, End-of-year project, Portfolio update. <p></p>3rd year <p></p> Python Development, Android & Java Mobile Development, ASP Web Development, Framework: Laravel, DOT NET Development in C#, Distributed Application Architectures in J2EE: Sprin Boot, CCNA4 Network Architecture, Digital Marketing, Job Interview Technique, Project English in Dot NET development, Project in Mobile Development, Project in Python development, Project in J2EE Development, End-of-study project or internship.

National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis - school image
National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis

The Software Engineering program covers the techniques, algorithms and theory necessary for building software, including subspecialties such as video games, bioinformatics and computational biology, computer forensics, geographic information systems, Web applications, enterprise computing, scientific computing and databases. <p></p> The computer engineering degree requires several classes in analog and digital circuits in addition to the core computer science classes. The degree <mark>provides students with a deeper knowledge of how computers work, thus it is for students interested in either developing computing hardware or software that communicates directly with the hardware, such as VLSI, embedded systems, device drivers, real-time operating systems, robotics and others. </mark>