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Tiny Tetouan

You’re in transit or on a mission/project in Tetouan, and you’re looking for a coworking space where to work quietly and to remain productive. <p></p> Tiny Tetouan, is a coworking space that may surprise you. <p></p> In fact, Tiny Tetouan, by the <mark>simplicity of its interior design, the ergonomics of it furniture, and the wide range of it amenities, helps you concentrate on your work and project and complete it quickly.</mark> <p></p> And as we are native from Tétouan, we can assist you and advise you on all what concerns the city of Tetouan and it surrounding. <p></p> Out coworking space is based in the new business district of Tetouan, Center Commercial Wilaya Center. Come share the space !

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Smart Win

A real workspace equipped according to your needs with more than 15 services and services designed to meet all your needs, such as: <mark><br> - An individual or shared office, a prestigious business address, <br> - A high-speed internet connection to keep in touch with all your customers <br> - A rental cost within your reach and more. <br> - Take advantage of this professional working atmosphere surrounded by other dynamic and motivated entrepreneurs with whom you can share to develop your business.</mark> <p></p>Tomorrow begins now! <p></p> A pleasant workspace at a lower cost, personalized support, a network of entrepreneurs and quality services. Rent workspace in a coworking environment

Regus - Casablanca - school image
Regus - Casablanca

Be inspired by this amazing waterfront workspace. Offer your company an enviable address on the Casablanca seafront. You will be able to impress your clients with the magnificent ocean view from our prestigious Crystal Building 1 workspace, located just 5 minutes from the Casa Port train station and close to the commercial heart of the city. <p></p> <mark>Work efficiently in a modern setting with amenities such as a gym, daycare and plenty of shopping nearby.</mark> After work, you can entertain your guests in the cosmopolitan hotels and restaurants that make up this modern and popular growing district.

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Are you a freelancer, an employee, an entrepreneur, an association looking for a place to work peacefully while enjoying stimulating interactions with peers? <p></p> Conceived and designed in a spirit of sharing and conviviality, our objective is to offer a working environment adapted to nomadic activities in the form of a nursery of ideas, where everyone can develop their skills by benefiting from those of others. <p></p> <mark>On more than 160 m², take advantage of our different atmospheres, our equipped offices, our meeting rooms / training room of our open space coworking space, but also our outdoor terraces to take your breaks.</mark> <p></p> Come and work at Studyo!

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Le 133

Think of le 133 as your happy place from where you can manage your current projects or launch new ones. A place where you can hold that business meeting to impress you client, or have an aspiring conversation with a supporting community around a home cooked meal. We are simple, we are mindful, and we want to connect with good like minded souls. So if you are ready for the next step in your entrepreneurial life. <p></p> <mark>Le 133 provides you with more than just a well designed&professional working space. Flexible Coworking Plans are designed to meet your highest expectations, grant you the freedom to work in a friendly environment surrounded by people who share your vision of life and who are willing to grow as humans while growing achieving with their goals.</mark>

La Station - school image
La Station

Sit where inspiration takes you. An offer designed for freelancers, consultants and project leaders looking for an inspiring place and a stimulating environment. <p></p> <mark>Services included: Fiber optic connection, meeting room, management of mail and telephone calls, equipped cafeteria and relaxation area.</mark> <p></p> OUR EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES INCLUDED <p></p> UNLIMITED SECURE WIFI<br> Connect securely and unlimitedly to our wifi network. <p></p> TERRACE<br> Recharge your batteries in our relaxation area <p></p> PRINTER<br> Print, scan and photocopy your professional documents using our latest generation printers. <p></p> MEETING ROOM<br> Schedule your meeting in our fully equipped room. <p></p> TEA & COFFEE<br> Have unlimited coffee and tea at any time <p></p> CONCIERGE<br> Make your life easier with our concierge service for managing calls and mail <p></p> KITCHEN<br> Warm up your meals and have lunch in our fully equipped kitchen.

WeStartUp - school image

Westartup aims to offer any company an environment conducive to its development, through a set of services: creation, domiciliation, work and <mark>coworking spaces</mark>, outsourcing of administrative tasks, partnerships. <p></p> Services Included: <mark><br> - Private 24-hour access to the office <br> - Wi-Fi: Fiber Optics <br> - Load: Electricity and Water <br> - Reception of customers: waiting room <br> - Business address included <br> - Printing and Scanning <br> - Daily maid service <br> - Air conditioning: reversible - wall remote control <br> - Security: Security guard for the building </mark>

O'work - school image

O'work is a quiet and pleasant coworking space dedicated to student-researchers and entrepreneurs as well as all other people looking for a suitable place to study or work. <p></p> Our space is : <br> - In the city centre <br> - Non-smoking area <br> - Optical Fiber <br> - Coffee maker (capsule, sachet and powder) and electric kettle (herbal tea) available in self-service. <p></p> Alongside the coworking space, <mark>we have developed a training program covering several fields and specialties in order to help our participants better integrate into the professional world and achieve their career goals.</mark>

WorkHub - school image

WORKHUB provides a warm and efficient workspace as well as many services to ensure optimal comfort for all our customers. <p></p> <mark>The idea is to create a lively and inspiring space where entrepreneurs can discuss and share their skills and know-how.</mark> <p></p> Our goal is to provide the means and tools necessary for the success of our customers, while creating an atmosphere of motivation, sharing and mutual aid. <p></p> At WORKHUB, we greet each other, we smile, we communicate and we respect each other.

Minerva Coworking - school image
Minerva Coworking

Minerva a coworking space on Ghandi which puts at your disposal its infrastructure and its workspace. Whether you are a freelancer, association, consultant, student or trainer, MINERVA offers different levels of services.

Hello Desk - school image
Hello Desk

Hello Desk is a furnished and equipped premium workspace located in the heart of the historic business district of Casablanca, close to the Place des Nations Unies (avenue des F.A.R) and the Casa Port train station. <p></p> <mark>In a wooded and green atmosphere, Hello Desk provides 600m² of functional and ready-to-use work positions, including relaxation areas and a rooftop with a view of the port of Casablanca. </mark> <p></p> The workspace is built around a community of leaders, entrepreneurs, project leaders and freelancers, thus promoting the exchange of ideas, collaboration, creativity and project success. <p></p> Our values: FLEXIBILITY, SHARING, PROFESSIONALISM and WELL-BEING.

L'Blassa - school image

L’BLASSA is a creative coworking space in Marrakech that provides to entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers a convivial and pleasant working environment,It is equipped with all the means and the necessary resources for the proper functioning of their members. <p></p> <mark>L’BLASSA offers you a variety of services, aiming to help you work efficiently, to be more engaged and to increase your productivity and your performance, besides increasing your networking opportunities by being part of a community of professionals in different sectors that meet in the same place</mark> <p></p> As well as hosting an incubator whose objective is to support young project holders and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in Morocco generally and in Marrakech particularly. <p></p> Which makes of it the spot that allows you to reach your full potential, to perform at your high level and to advance professional growth in your career.

MY Desk - school image
MY Desk

By renting a dedicated desk, we offer your startup the ideal environment for its success. This Coworking option gives you access to My Desk shared spaces and many benefits & services. <p></p> What you get:<br> Your dedicated workstation is equipped with a large comfortable seat, as well as a lockable filing cabinet and personalized electrical and fiber optic connections. <p></p> <mark>Services included: <br> - high-speed Internet <br> - Mail management <br> - Impression <br> - Hot & cold drinks <br> - Cleaning <br> - 24 hour access - Our business centers are accessible 24/7 <br> - Printer and scanner - Take advantage of our printing and scanning services to optimize your procedures <br> - Partner services - Take advantage of our many partners to meet all your needs</mark>

L'House Co. - school image
L'House Co.

The only coworking space in the city of Meknes. For students, entrepreneurs, NGOs and freelancers. We offer space, drinks (tea and coffee), we have a microwave, a good internet connection and the atmosphere. You work in a good mood, in a <mark>productive environment and you network. we organize trainings and workshops from time to time (entrepreneurship, digital marketing, e-commerce, soft skills...)</mark>

Spaces - Anfa Place - school image
Spaces - Anfa Place

Spaces is a creative platform for a dynamic, entrepreneurial community. We offer you the space to think, create and grow. <p></p> We believe that people and ideas are central to any business. Therefore, everyone at Spaces is an elite group of thinkers, innovators and influencers who are effective and confident in achieving their goals. Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or a corporate entrepreneur, at Spaces we help our community expand its horizons. <p></p> <mark>Our lively atmosphere attracts positive and open-minded business thinkers, who love meeting new people, hence our lively community. Spaces' full program of professional events and hospitality services, combined with the cutting-edge and inspiring European design of our business clubs, engages people in the dynamism and energy of Spaces and makes them feel at home in their own right.</mark? <p></p> By creating dynamic workplaces with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, we help you think, create and collaborate, as our friendly team handles all services as well as essential logistics. Our goal at Spaces is to make sure our community can focus on whatever drives its business

Sector 21 - school image
Sector 21

In the Start-up spirit, Sector 21 is a project that offers itself as a platform for exchange between project leaders, mentors and investors to develop a dynamic community around innovative projects. <p></p> <mark>Our vocation is to offer a one-of-a-kind workspace in Rabat, in a quiet setting, far from the usual stress of urban space and the monotony of buildings.</mark> <p></p> The work environment offered by Sector 21 is exceptional. Located in an isolated villa in Hay Riad, this office space is furnished in a Startup style and offers a magnificent garden to alternate between work and relaxation.

Cowork in Marrakech - school image
Cowork in Marrakech

A wide and luminous coworking space open for exchange with other entrepreneurs. At Cowork in Marrakech You will meet freelancers, ambitious project leaders, SMEs, students, graphic designers, artists, geeks, SEO strategists, designers, sportsmen, clubbers, TPEs, associations, Dataminers, social media and community managers, coaches, startups, cryptos addicts, traders, webdesigners, etc <p></p> All these different personalities rub shoulders, discuss, exchange, work together, imagine solutions, share ideas, contacts and good deals. These women and men overflowing with energy are truly around the same mantra: “Make a break, come and work.” <p></p> <mark>Cowork in Marrakech is a story of entrepreneurs looking for independence, autonomy, flexibility and collaborative work. The Cowork in Marrakech community is enriched daily new opportunities.</mark> More than just a friendly, flexible and collaborative workspace, women and men who settle in Cowork in Marrakech space succeed in innovating, imagining and creating value.

Kowork - school image

Kowork provides high quality plug & play workplace solutions, to allow you to focus on your core business. Start your activity today with no additional expenses. <p></p>We offer a wide range of services <mark> <br> - Serviced offices <br> - Coworking <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - Virtual offices <br> - Emergency offices <br> - Lounges <br> - Company Registration <br> - Front desk <br> - Mail management <br> - Fiber-optic internet connection <br> - Parking </mark>

Overflow Space - school image
Overflow Space

Overflow coworking space is your new place to get full of your capacities and work comfortably in a multi-zone open space with high quality internet connection, free tea & coffee and more. Our Coworking space is located in the center of Mohammedia (Parc), near to all what you will need. <p></p> <mark>We Offer You Everything You Will Need <br>- Coworking Space <br>- Meeting Room <br>- Visio Room <br>- Comfort Zone <br>- Printer Zone <br>- Reception Zone <br>- High Internet Connection <br>- Coffee & Tea Free <br>- Regular Cleaning <br>- Power Sockets <br>- Modern Design <br>- GreenSpace View </mark> <p></p> Why Choosing Overflow Space <p></p> You don't have to search for a new place to find the great environment, with Overflow Space you will : <br>- Have a full comfortable environment <br>- Focus on you work <br>- Work on your goals <br>- Build valuable network <br>- Be apart of new events

Commons Zerktouni - school image
Commons Zerktouni

Established as one of North Africa’s strongest economies, Morocco’s coworking scene is on the rise as freelancers, entrepreneurs and enterprises look for the ideal place to grow. Offering all that companies, both large and small, could ask for; start your journey with us at Commons Zerktouni. <p></p> Located in the beating heart of Casablanca’s business district, minutes away from the Twin center and Harbour train station, Commons Zerktouni is an oasis of calm in the center of this magnificent and bustling city. Occupying two floors in an eye-catching building facing beautiful tranquil gardens, Zerktouni’s unique fusion of English Moroccan interior will undoubtedly inspire you to work wonders. <mark> <br> - 24/7 access <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - Private lockers <br> - Printing <br> - Lightning Wifi <br> - Micro-roasted coffee <br> - Dog friendly <br> - Phone booths <br> - Bike parking <br> - Events </mark>

GO4WORK - school image

Go4Work is an uninhibited and ambitious state of mind that invites nomadic workers from all trades to meet in an exceptional setting. This inspiring, bright and flexible place is the professional ground for coworkers who all contribute to the dynamism of the community. <p></p> <mark>GO4WORK is both a coworking space but also the entire community that composes it in which freelancers can work flexibly, from a few hours a week to an unlimited time. It also has meeting, relaxation and brainstorming rooms, and a conference and training room.</mark> <p></p> GO4WORK is also: <br> - All the coworkers who make it up. <br> - Activities allowing meetings and exchanges both between them, but also with the outside world.<br> GO4WORK is: <br>1. A vibrant community. <br>2. Effective collaboration. <br>3. A platform for creativity and innovation. <br>4. Support for startups

Dar Digital Nomad - school image
Dar Digital Nomad

Dar Digital Nomad offers coliving space in Morocco originally planned and created with the needs of the modern digital nomad. <p></p> The Co-living space concept: an apartment to be shared by nomad professionals, people of the tribes of the world, with common interests and lifestyles, who live with their eyes on the road. <p></p> Having the concept of coliving in Morocco is very important since many people come to this amazing country for short term living. <p></p> Living in Morocco is easy, safe, and developed enough so that you have all the necessary facilities to live and work online on your own projects. <p></p> Dar Digital Nomad is located in the quiet neighborhood of C.G.I. in the Hay Al Mansour Dahbi district of Ouarzazate, in Morocco

SunDesk - school image

The SunDesk coworking space is on the second and third floor of the building, and offers amazing ocean view from all desks. <p></p> ​Our office can host a maximum of 16 coworkers. The main indoor coworking area is equipped with ergonomic chairs, tables of different heights, an adjustable standing desk, and private lockers. The office space is directly connected to an outdoor coworking area which has cosy couches and laptop desks. Both areas have consistent 200/20 Mbps fiber internet connections. <p></p> Got a conference call or private meeting ? We have a bookable complementary Skype room for all coworkers. <p></p> To keep your focus while working, we keep your coffee supply strong, the tea topped off and the drinking water flowing. If you need a healthy snack, grab some juicy fruit. <p></p> What’s in the Office Space? <mark> <br> ✓ 2 x 200/20 Mbps fiber internet connections <br> ✓ Ergonomic chairs <br> ✓ Standing desk <br> ✓ Indoor & Outdoor work areas <br> ✓ 24/7 office access <br> ✓ Private Skype room <br> ✓ Lockable storage <br> ✓ Scanning & printing <br> ✓ Refreshments & fresh fruit <br> ✓ Welcoming, multilingual staff </mark>