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ESMT (Higher School of Technology and Management)

The bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Technologies and Computer Science provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of ICT engineering and the specific skills pertaining to each of the majors that are offered. <mark>It produces versatile professionals who are able to change work environments and meet the sector's future challenges and those that will occur in industrial sectors that employ these technologies.</mark> The degree also ensures concentrated learning in the following majors: Audiovisual Systems, Telecommunications Systems and Network Systems. <p></p> Given that ICTs are crucial in any industrial, research and innovation sector, graduates' professional opportunities are wide-ranging: they will be able to accomplish a broad range of technical and management tasks and start new entrepreneurial projects in this technological field. <p></p> Communications are ever more necessary in all environments and scenarios, and specialists are highly sought after in fibre optics; in mobile communications, to serve the fourth generation and develop the foundations of the fifth; and in GPS technologies and services. Other examples are projects involving cities whose intelligence increases as networks of sensors, such as cameras and pollution sensors, are implemented to improve the lives of citizens, and the extensive use of communication networks and the so-called Internet of Things, a use that demands that the privacy and security of our data be protected. <mark>The audiovisual sector also requires highly skilled professionals to design advanced systems, for 3D sound and image technologies, for example, and not just for direct consumers of media, such as music shows or the cinema, but also for important sectors such as health and the automotive and transport industries. In these sectors, there is a clear need for developing electronic devices and instruments that provide accurate and reliable data, to monitor patients’ progress,</mark> for example. Another area that is emerging forcefully is the design of new solar cells and photovoltaic systems in the energy sector.

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IMPROTECH is a training institute located in Abidjan - Ivory Coast offering students quality practical training in the field of computer networking and security. <p></p> OUR APPROACH<br> Our approach aims to considerably increase your chances of landing a job or improving your professional opportunities if you are already working. It is based on 4 pillars which are: <mark><br> - Practical training provided by certified experts. <br> - Internationally recognized certifications. <br> - Job coaching. <br> - Placement of the best students in Africa and Europe.</mark>

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Bluecrest College

The Technology is the oldest department at Bluecrest established in 2010 and employing an outstanding team of international faculty. With up-to-date curricula in an ever-evolving digital landscape, their mission is to ingrain a sustained societal impact through Information Technology education and research. <p></p> Information Technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunication systems to produce, manipulate,store, organize, retrieve, and transmit data. It involves the development, installation, implementation, management, and maintenance of computer hardware and software within companies, universities, and other organizations. <p></p> This course <mark> provides you with the fundamentals of Information Technology, and the hands-on experience you need to excel in the tech space.</mark> The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program prepares students to meet the information and communication technology needs of government, business, healthcare, universities, and other kinds of organizations.

Catholic Institute of Business & Technology - school image
Catholic Institute of Business & Technology

The courses in the department have been organised and developed with the mission of the Institute in mind. To facilitate and enhance learning opportunities the department maintains a modern, well-equipped, self-help type Computer Laboratory with a full-time supervisor. In general, the purposes of the Department are: <p></p> <mark><br> - To provide an intellectual climate conducive to maximum student growth and development in a wide range of courses. <br> - To offer appropriate internal and external learning experiences that will prepare students for graduate study as well as a smooth transition to the world of work. </mark> <p></p> The department offers programmes in : <br> - Computer Science <br> - Information Technology <br> - Introductory courses in Computer Literacy

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Burkina Institute of Technology

Our computer science program connects cutting edge technology with the social skills required to understand and influence the implications of computer science for the future. The problem-solving, teamwork and leadership skills acquired are incredibly important in the future. This course provides the future generation with the <mark>knowledge and skills required to combat everyday problems with sustainable business ideas for the country. </mark> Therefore, we are looking for highly determined students with a critical thinking ability. If you are interested in understanding complex structures, solving technical problems and developing your own computer programs, then this is the right course for you.

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To meet the needs of companies, ISI SUPTECH offers a complete offer of intra and inter-company training, and high-level services, through two centers: SUPTECH Manager Program and SUPTECH Consulting. The multiple skills of SUPTECH are based on the experience of the teaching staff and the involvement of partner companies in the various projects of our customers. <p></p> SUPTECH provides you with training skills. The school can thus build a training project strictly adapted to the needs of your employees: diagnosis of needs, development of a training plan and recommendations, design of content, organization of recruitment, implementation of specific material or logistical means , administrative set-up of the file (financing study, etc…), setting up of a validation procedure, etc… <p></p> <mark>Skills acquired in the software engineering program <br> - Analyze and design computer applications; <br> - Implement computer applications; <br> - Test, deploy and maintain computer applications; <br> - Produce technical and functional documentation; <br> - Do the versioning of computer applications; <br> - Manage an IT project; </mark> <p></p> Opportunities <br> - Assistant project manager; <br> - Enterprise application developer; <br> - Developer of web/mobile applications; <br> - Application tester; <br> - Developer in IOT. <br> - Work as a team.

École Supérieure de Technologie et de Management Dakar - school image
École Supérieure de Technologie et de Management Dakar

ESTM is a school of engineers and management specialists at the cutting edge of the latest technologies, supported by a very experienced faculty. <p></p> We cultivate passion, excellence, practical knowledge, professionalism, thanks to our excellent international relations materialized by privileged partnerships with leading institutions in their respective fields. <p></p> The objective of ESTM is not only to <mark>deliver recognized, innovative and quality training to our students</mark>, but it is also to support them in their professional integration and in the construction of a great career! <p></p> The production of software is a very complex task involving several resources, in particular human, material and technological. The Software Engineering course aims to <mark>provide students with the in-depth skills required to be able to intervene in all phases of software production.</mark>Training available in daytime classes (license) and evening classes (professional and master's degree)

École Centrale des Logiciels Libres et de Télécommunications EC2LT Dakar - school image
École Centrale des Logiciels Libres et de Télécommunications EC2LT Dakar

The holder of a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, DevOps course, works in all companies using ICT, in particular those specializing in IT development and systems administration. <p></p> The DevOps profession, which requires dual skills, creates a bridge between the teams responsible for developing software and those who manage and ensure the stability of applications. <p></p> It is therefore present in all areas of application development, complete automation of software production, administration of operating systems and administration of networks. <p></p> <mark>The objective of the training is therefore to train competent technicians capable of taking into account the technical specifications in the specifications of the applications to be developed and to guarantee the proper functioning of these applications in a production environment thanks to the mastery of technologies and criteria</mark> <p></p> DevOps technicians must therefore have on the one hand a real technological mastery and on the other hand human qualities, skills to work in a team and an ability to listen to better understand the needs of the teams with which they collaborate.

Institut Polytechnique de Dakar - school image
Institut Polytechnique de Dakar

To design, develop and maintain increasingly complex software-centric systems, the world needs engineers with an education strongly rooted in the fundamentals of engineering and science who have the application-driven acumen to engineer software systems that are not only safe and secure, but also meet the needs of the modern marketplace. The School of Systems & Enterprises' (SSE's) four-year software engineering degree program, composing 141-credit hours provides students with a <mark>rigorous general engineering undergraduate education with depth in software engineering and systems engineering principles.</mark>

Canadian College of Modern Technology - school image
Canadian College of Modern Technology

The Computer Science programme focuses on the practical application and use of computers in complex mathematical, communication, and data issues present in today’s job market. <mark>Practical work skills will be gained as assignments and curriculum closely replicate work that students will be expected to perform after graduation.</mark>

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Milestone Technology College

Software engineering has expanded into numerous fields; the most exciting and promising are cloud and mobile computing. Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering is a three year program which offers you in depth classroom training followed by one year of Professional Practice to gain real world professional skills. <p></p> The Industry Endorsed Curriculum of This Program in Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering enables students acquire necessary skills to aspire for new age jobs. <mark>The curriculum lays emphasis on industry specific competencies helps students stand out in the most competitive environment. The program is also mapped to global technology certifications to enable the students to seize the global career opportunities.</mark> This program is customized to suit your Graduation pattern and allows you to pursue your IT career pursuits along with your Graduation. This is followed by an Internship in an organisation at the end of your Graduation. <p></p> The <mark>Software Engineering program is aimed at creating software engineering professionals. Students will learn most prevalent and latest technologies in the software Industry. It builds strong foundational skills in Java Technologies, .NET technologies & Web Development programs. Software curriculum have Multiple Job profiles based architecture like Database Developer, Web Application Developer in Java & .NET, Web Designing using HTML & JQuery etc.</mark> In this curriculum some course are Global certification mapped, will help student to clear the exam. <p></p> This curriculum is also powered by Smart Braid Educare, which provides the teacher and the group of students to mould the learning style dependent on the profile of the Learners and give an environment to provide constructivism and collaborative learning. It has been therefore aptly called as LACC (Learning Architecture based on Collaborative Constructivism). <p></p> The program offers you certifications from Microsoft and Oracle (Java) making it the most powerful curriculum in the world and making you the best IT Professional in the Software Engineering domain in the world. <p></p> Highlight <br> - 7 term program in software engineering aligned to university semester curriculum <br> -3 month Digital Transformation Specialization Term + 6 month Professional Practice <br> -1000+ Organizations as recruiters <br> -Experienced IT Professionals as Faculty <br> -1 year of Professional Practice

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Eastern Technical University of Sierra Leone

The challenge of engineering or technology is to bring new technical discoveries to commercial reality through the clever application of scientific knowledge, practical engineering experience, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills. It is also to apply judgement, based on experience, to bring new discoveries to the point where they are able to benefit society. The Faculty of Engineering & Innovation (FOEI) at ETUSL is structured to have greater autonomy and enhance efficiency in providing training and delivery of services. <p></p> It has been a long felt inevitable to align higher education with the emerging needs of the economy so as to ensure that the graduates of higher education system have adequate knowledge and skills for employment and entrepreneurship. The higher education system has to incorporate the requirements of various industries in its curriculum, in an innovative and flexible manner while developing a holistic and well-groomed graduate. The programmes in the FOEI aim to build individual capacities and train persons with adequate employability skills. <mark>The programmes structure attempt to blend appropriate technical knowledge and skills, personal and professional skills and substantive ‘hands-on’ and field / site experience required in the different occupations.</mark> <p></p> The Faculty of Engineering & Innovation welcomes creative people who can face the challenge of invigorating future society by achieving what has before now been impossible. <mark>To create groundbreaking inventions and to achieve what has been impossible so far with the application of existing techniques, students should not be content to simply acquire knowledge and understand scientific principles. In addition to learning that kind of knowledge, students must master engineering, which will enable them to create new technologies and make dreams come to life.</mark> This makes the Faculty of Engineering & Innovation at the ETUSL a place for multi-faceted profession in engineering and technology.

Smart Professional College - school image
Smart Professional College

Our professional and technical training programs include computer and digital literacy, computer repairs and maintenance, networking, <mark>programming</mark>, graphics designing, web development, CISCO programs, cyber security programs, engineering programs, business management and business administration programs, communication programs among others. SPC offers several academic, technical, and professional courses/programs suited to several disciplines and fields of study. We remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence in education in The Gambia and beyond. All our programs are nationally and internationally accredited. All our courses were <mark>endorsed by the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA), the body responsible for the issuance of operational licenses to all tertiary and higher education institutions in terms of their systems and programs in The Gambia.</mark>

Yaba College of Technology - school image
Yaba College of Technology

Welcome to Computer Technology Department, established in 1989/90 Session. The Department runs both National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programme in Computer Science. The HND programme was accredited in 2000. The Department is one of the fastest growing departments in the College in the School of Technology. Apart from running both ND and HND programmes, the department also offers certificate courses in Information Technology and Information Maintenance, which is a short-term course, with well experienced and versatile lecturers. <p></p> <br><mark> Goal - To produce Computer Science graduates, worthy in skill and character, who are academically equipped and capable of applying Computer Science and Information Technology in solving problems societal problem.</mark> <br>Vision - To be the leading IT department by providing training in the theory and application of computer science to our students, who are empowered to make a positive impact in the society.

SQI College of ICT - school image
SQI College of ICT

SQI College of ICT offers both National Diploma and Professional Certificate programmes. <p></p> The diploma Certificate conforms with the standard National Diploma Certificate obtained in Polytechnics while the Professional certificate is the certificate you earn after taking a professional course here at SQI. <p></p> You can use the Diploma certificate to seek admissions into the University through Direct Entry or for Higher National Diploma (HND). While the professional Certificate is recognized worldwide not as a degree but as a proof of having undergone professional training in the field for which the certificate is issued.