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Emerald Zone

Emerald Zone is situated in the heart of Lagos, Ikeja. A perfect shared workspace suitably designed for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs etc to carry out their activities productively. We offer a suite of office-like amenities such as private meeting rooms, kitchenette, hot-desk, projector, high-speed internet connection, parking space etc. <p></p> <mark>We provide you what you need in a workspace whole private office space. Our subscription plans vary and allow for flexibility. This subscription could be daily or monthly depending on the client’s intending usability.</mark> <p></p> VISION <br> To be the preferred Partner in Nigeria and Africa, offering organizational diagnosis and providing solutions to People Management, Marketing Services and Sales Capability, using Process & Technology. <p></p>MISSION <br> Provide our partners bespoke business solutions, through management interventions that enables realization of optimum potentials to compete favourably in the market place. <br>Our Core Values <br> - Integrity <br> - Excellence <br> - Innovation <br> - Reliability

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Agos Offices

Agos is an Executive co-working space located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. There’s no doubt there’s been a change in the way we work now. <p></p> <mark>Your business can enjoy all the benefits of a newly built contemporary luxury finished to the highest standards with customized kitchen and breakout area, private offices to ceiling partitions, card only security system and our fully serviced offices have the advantage of a central location in the heart of the City.</mark> <p></p> Impress your clients with a state of the art boardroom that exudes luxury and class, whilst your office space emanates the air of success to all who enter. Not to mention a unique ambiance and space to feel you have room to maximize your inspiration and creativity. <p></p> Our fully serviced environment allows your company to be up and running instantly and the opportunity to expand and the flexibility to enable growth is effortless.

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TecHub Spaces

We are a tech-centric coworking community-based in the heart of Lagos Nigeria providing services that enable SMEs and startups to thrive. <mark>We not only provide a co-working space but also an environment that enables creativity, networking, and productivity through our various service offerings and activities.</mark> <p></p> At TecHub Spaces, we believe work is important, but the right community and environment are more important. That is why at TecHub spaces, we are fostering a community of diverse yet like-minded individuals, bound together with the best work culture that is super fun, and exciting. <p></p> We provide more than a co-working space what we provide is a community where businesses and other initiatives can find support and opportunities that will enable them to navigate the VUCA ( Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world we live in today by leveraging the power of technology

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87 Spaces NG

Flexible and Smart Office Solutions that lets you focus on your business while we manage your office needs. We are your best provider for smart and flexible business solutions - Virtual office, co-working, workspaces and serviced office in Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria. <mark>Our centers are fully equipped to create a work-life balance for our customers within your budget so you can achieve all your goals. We will always remain a vital part of your day while you think of the possibilities that you will attain working with us.</mark> <p></p> Our dedicated workstations and hot desks may be your best office space fit. It allows you the flexibility needed to feel included, innovate and stand out within our community. Explore your freedom with our options and plans, Our co-working plans go above and beyond, focusing on community, creativity, comfort and flexibility. You only pay for what you need and when you need it. Our first come – first serve policy charges you to network with our diverse community of professionals. When you thrive, we thrive.

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Smart Office Coworking space in Abuja provides affordable desk and office spaces to businesses. Our clients are entrepreneurs, start-ups companies and freelancers that enjoy our wide range of facilities. They connect, collaborate, communicate and commercialize their ideas. Why Choose us?<br> We want to help your business grow <p></p> <mark>Constant Power <br> Smart Office provides constant power supply so our clients can work without interruption <p></p>WiFi/Internet Access <br> We provide WiFi Internet access that you can use on any device. Our WiFi internet is very fast and reliable. <p></p>Document Printing Services <br> Our printing services are available for your business, we also offer document finishing and more. Smart Office Desks and Spaces Abuja Services <p></p>Projector/Screen <br> We know how important presentations are. You can always use our projector <p></p>Lockers/Document Storage <br> We have adequate Locker and Document storage spaces to cater for your needs. <p></p>Adequate Parking Space <br> Space crunch for parking is a big concern in Abuja. We have adequate parking Space. </mark>

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Regus - Abuja

Make a home for your business with Regus private office space in Abuja. Our serviced offices have everything taken care of - from the furniture to the high-speed WiFi - and with flexible terms allowing you to rent office space from an hour to years, you can focus on driving your business forward. <p></p> <mark>Create the right image for your business with a home in Tower C Churchgate Plaza’s stylish building at the heart of the CBD. With rapidly growing companies from oil, banking and the media close by, it’s a prime setting to build your business network.</mark> <p></p> Welcome your clients from far and wide, thanks to the convenience of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, only a 30-minute drive away. When your meetings are finished for the day, entertain your guests in style at the modern restaurants and retailers just across the street.

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MRT Net Cafe

MRT Net cafe is a highly flexible space for business professionals to conduct meetings and work in a conducive environment that is fully equipped with all the facilities you need to connect with your clients, colleagues or staff all over the world. We believe our duty to our valued clients is to provide an enabling space with high tech facilities and state of art equipment that makes it easier to accomplish your set goals without any stress. <mark>From stable and reliable internet connection, to light refreshments to keep you going as you work, MRT Net Cafe is always one step ahead at anticipating your needs and providing solutions. </mark>

Space Station - Nigeria - school image
Space Station - Nigeria

Whether you need an event space, a desk, private office, training or boardrooms, or an entire floor, we can offer turn-key spaces or can work with you to create a space that will meet your business’ every need. <p></p> At the Space Station we work independently, together to enhance productivity and community building through: <mark> <br> - Bespoke training. <br> - Simply sophisticated, well detailed and serene instant Private offices, Co working spaces, Conference, training rooms, virtual, home offices and Event spaces <br> - Well planned and curated formal and semi-formal events. </mark> <p></p> OUR VALUES Warmth and Professionalism <br>At The Space Station, We promote working together to enhance community building and productivity <p></p> Uncompromised Quality <br> We are committed to delivering quality training tailored to suit client needs, both locally and internationally. <p></p>Exceptional Support <br> Our vibrant team is ever ready to reply to your needs and questions. <p></p>Turn Key Spaces <br> At Space Station Abuja, we offer the latest office design trends like never before. <p></p> OUR MISSION <br>To ensure that everyday is a good day to not just get to work, but to look forward to the day’s job. <br>That is why we provide turn key spaces or work with you to create a space that will meet your business’ every need

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It is critical for organizations to not only access flexible workspaces, to allow innovation, manage overheads, access a global world but also the relevant services to become entrepreneurial, in the drive for VALUE, INFLUENCE and PROFITABILITY. Read more about this in our “Going Global in the path to achieve VALUE, INFLUENCE & PROFITABILITY through Tongston Entrepreneurial Hub” blog, with more information on Tongston Entrepreneurial Hub. <p></p> The Hub is more than a platform to meet, work, learn, network & access Tongston’s world-class entrepreneurial Education, Media, Finance, Legal, Technology, HR, Data, Research & Admin services”. It offers: Entrepreneurial Workspaces: <mark><br> - Training Room <br> - Meeting Room <br> - Co-Working Space <br> - Virtual Office: Entrepreneurial Education, Entrepreneurial Media, Entrepreneurial Enterprise: <br> - “Enterprise-in-a-box” Tools & Templates with how To Guides <br> - Opportunities Centre <br> - Entrepreneurial Insights and <br> - Consulting with Admin, HR, Data, Strategy, Technology, Legal, Governance, Finance Experts </mark>

Regus - Port Harcourt - school image
Regus - Port Harcourt

Build an impressive base for your team in an innovative region, home to multinational oil and gas companies. Our Old Michelin Compound workspace is <mark>easily accessible to visiting clients, with dual-lane Trans Amadi Industrial Layout Road close by and great links to the city’s international airport.</mark> <p></p> Create a warm welcome for clients as they arrive through the covered entranceway, into a modern workspace designed for focus and productivity. Step across the street and you’ll find a collection of local restaurants, or take a break at nearby Port Harcourt Zoo.

Spronet Hub - school image
Spronet Hub

Spronet Hub is a business community of creatives, freelancers, startups and micro businesses. <p></p> We are in the business of connecting businesses (MSMEs) to needed resources and helping them thrive in a digitally evolving global business ecosystem, through the provision of OnDemand business, entrepreneurial, and relevant skills training, services, and consultations. <p></p> <mark>Our hub offers convenient and affordable workspaces, virtual office/assistance, digital marketing, and a meeting room to suit your business needs.</mark> <p></p> Connect with our vast network of verified businesses, freelancers & Entrepreneurs and grow your business.

HUB10 - school image

Are you looking for a noise-free environment with a 24/7 power supply, well air-conditioned, equipped kitchen and unlimited wifi? Then not to worry because you are always welcome to HUB10. HUB10 offers coworking space on a daily, weekly or monthly rental basis, with training and conference rooms. Co-working spaces are essentially shared workspaces. It is an affordable office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop. <p></p> These shared workspaces <mark>offer a suite of office-like amenities such as hot-desks, private meeting rooms, kitchens, coffee and more. Often, which eventually turn into a community of tech experts. We are open to freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small teams who want to take advantage of a flexible space.</mark> <p></p> Creating a healthy and motivating work environment is what we are here for!At Hub10, we have the perfect work environment tailored to suit your needs! Where are you working from? Send us a dm to book a space with us now!

Novare Shared Office - school image
Novare Shared Office

Novare Shared Office’s is a home for fresh ideas, great people, conversations and experiences. A system designed to inspire your creative mindset, cultivate your curiosity and stimulate new ways of thinking. <p></p> <mark>We offer different types of desks suitable for every need. If your company grows and you are in need of more space, we grow with you. We accommodate everything you need in order to thrive. When you rent a space in our shared office you become a member of the Novare community and get access to everything we offer.</mark> <p></p> Enjoy the ambience, State of the art facilities, exquisite restaurants, the mall at your feet, be part of our online community and meet with new members every day.

The Abuja Office - school image
The Abuja Office

We assist small and medium sized businesses and startups achieve success. By providing affordable office solutions which greatly reduce the cost of acquiring and setting up an office space and it’s attendant issues. Our platform allows you focus on your core competence as we manage your office space. Walk into our outfit and instantly have an office. It’s convenient, tasteful and has all the features of a modern office.  <p></p> You read, work, surf, scan, print, copy and generally meet your targets. You get to network, and enhance your corporate reach and profile. Our central location gives fluidity as we are surrounded by complementary service providers. Our range of products is unparalleled. You get to have an office, a meeting place, or a hall for a few hours, days or months. What’s more, we meet correspondence needs as well. Walk in and see your business flourish <p></p> FEATURES <mark><br> - Steady Electricity <br> - Dedicated work desk <br> - Daily Use <br> - Private office <br> - Virtual Office <br> - Serviced Office <br> - Meeting Rooms <br> - Seminar / Training hall </mark>

Hub43 - school image

At Hub43, we have comfortable working spaces just for you coupled with uninterrupted internet services, it’s conducive and has been structured to accommodate multiple people at a time, with comfort in mind. <p></p> Learn <br> At Hub43, you get to learn new skills which will help grow your career and businesses. These include foreign and local languages and some business and career courses. <p></p> Connect <br> At Hub43, you get to connect with people from various works of life. Our connect program adds value to your objectives. <p></p> Some of our services include: <mark>  <br> - Uninterrupted power supply <br> - Fast and reliable broadband fiber internet connection <br> - Dedicated office staff to provide you with necessary assistance <br> - A conference room that can be used for training for your staff or workforce. <br> - Meeting room with all the services you need. <br> -  Convenience for male and female <br> - A relaxation area <br> - Parking space for your vehicle <br> - A kitchen area <br> - And a reception area for your clients and visitors where you can attend to them </mark>

Welcome2Africa International - school image
Welcome2Africa International

In line with our value for relationships and commitment to building and fostering long-term positive relationships based on professionalism and trust, Welcome2Africa International has created an atmosphere through its state-of-the-art office to provide a co-working space for a variety of social meetings, networking events, training programs, and more for an affordable and conducive rate. <p></p> We Offer <mark> <br> - Free Internet Connection <br> - Dedicated Desk <br> - Complimentary Coffee <br> - Socialization Network <br> - Flexible Working Environment <br> - Private Office Option <br> - Serene Working Environment </mark>

Ajegunle Co-working Hub - school image
Ajegunle Co-working Hub

The 'Ajegunle Co-working Hub' is an initiative aimed at growing a network for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artisans within the Ajegunle vicinity to link up and promote their craft. <p></p> <mark>Our facility creates access to work equipment for artisans and budding young entrepreneurs to practice, while also providing a conducive work environment and access to training opportunities on business growth.</mark> <p></p> The 'Ajegunle Co-working Hub' is an incubator for artisans, entrepreneurs, and freelancers where they can learn and grow their businesses without the burden of insufficient and high costs of available workspaces

989 Workspaces - school image
989 Workspaces

At 989 Workspaces, we understand what it takes to get a business off the ground. Our mission is to create affordable shared spaces in a quiet and collaborative environment. Our slogan is “Find your Focus” and because we understand how noisy most shared spaces can be, we bring together people who live and breathe that mindset. Make it your own by becoming a member for the day, month or year! <mark>From furniture to high-speed internet - we’ve thought about everything you might need to get you started on your next big project.</mark>

theBUNKer - school image

Spaces for lease by the hour, day, by the week, or by the year. Fully serviced offices with everything included – high-speed internet, office furniture and utilities - just show up and get to work. We offer creative working environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit. Plug into our energy and watch your world accelerate. <p></p> Everything you need to grow your business is here Our Amenities <br> <mark>High speed internet<br> Secure business-grade internet, intercom and WiFi <p></p> Virtual Assistant Services<br> For busy entrepreneurs, we run your administrative processes effortlessly. <p></p> Parking space<br> Convenient Accessible Parking <p></p> Modern Facilities<br> Modern, ergonomic office furniture.</mark>

CubeHub - school image

CubeHub is a top independent virtual and serviced office business centre in Lagos, Nigeria. We have extensive experience in seamlessly fitting businesses, startups and entrepreneurs with flexible workspace and business solutions that match your requirements. CubeHub business centre is managed by local, professional and experienced executives. <p></p>What CubeHub offers? <br> <mark>CubeHub offers you a flexible and smart range of fully equipped offices and business solutions from virtual offices to serviced office rental to meeting room, day office rental, accounting solutions, business registration, legal services etc. Our duty is to find a home for your business with our excellent customer service, administrative support, and flexible product offerings.</mark> <p></p> Who CubeHub is for? <br> CubeHub is for all types of companies setting up in Nigeria to develop their business. From the founder of a company who needs an office to the Global company which wants to set up a new subsidiary, CubeHub business centres provide quality business solutions to fit your budget, size and desired length of stay. Scaling up is easy: you can acquire more space as your business grows.

GreyHobb - school image

We provide conducive and state-of-the-art co-working environment for our users, which is inclusive of 24/7 high speed internet service, electricity, open work area, access to kitchen and dining gazebos, conference rooms, security assurance (police covering), integrated taxing system, funding opportunities, incubation and acceleration programs and access to professionals in the technological and creative space. <p></p> Co-working <br> <mark>Our Co-working space embodies tech-driven startups which have access to our incubation and acceleration programs. The creative arm covers creative content development, fashion, films, art, music and general traditional/cultural content. </mark> <p></p> Our Goal <br> Our goal at the hub is to bring people together from all backgrounds, with a wide range of skills and education to foster an ecosystem of networking and knowledge-sharing, so they can mutually benefit and learn from each other. <p></p> GreyHobb <br> At GreyHobb, students, developers, entrepreneurs, content creators, digital marketers etc. are welcome to join a growing ecosystem with a view to making life changing connections that can transform an idea into a profitable venture.

V8 Ventures - school image
V8 Ventures

V8 Ventures is a platform for accelerated business growth across Africa with a simple vision; to bridge the gap between young businesses, investors and highly experienced mentors to ensure rapid commercial growth especially in the digital technology space. <p></p> Our co-working space, V8 Valley, is comprised of talented businesses looking to grow and scale. <mark>With flexible month-to-month desk space in a collaborative environment as a service, we provide our members a more cost effective solution to working.</mark> At V8 valley, the motto is simple: affordable desk space with a difference where everything works.

Coworkstyle - school image

We are a community of like-minded individuals, working independently and together in an epicentre that is more than just a workspace of bubbling excellence. <p></p> We are more than just a workspace, we are collaborating for growth. <p></p> The Coworkstyle network gives you access to the operational assistance required to build or expand your business all from the comfort of your workspace. <p></p> Our Amenities <br> We empower you to work at your most efficient level with modern amenities and tech support with an unrivaled ambience to keep you relaxed during the toughest of days. <br> What’s included: <mark><br> - All inclusive bills <br> - Superfast broadband <br> - Fully equipped kitchen <br> - Huge parking space <br> - Conference rooms <br> - Full security cameras <br> - Flexible contracts <br> - Training program <br> - Communal spaces</mark>

Pyale WorkHub - school image
Pyale WorkHub

Pyale WorkHub is the company’s first foray into flexible office rental service businesses and its ambition is to expand this business offering across key commercial cities in Nigeria. Our key value proposition is to provide our clients with a slick, technology-enabled environment that allows them create value for their stakeholders whilst taking away the burden that comes with the upfront cost of long-leases and capital expenditure away from young and budding entrepreneurs, leaving them to focus on productivity, growth and creating value for their stakeholders. A comfortable and efficient workspace is essential to any business’s success. While there are many benefits, choosing the right coworking space can be difficult. Pyale WorkHub will provide its clients with the following benefits: <p></p> <mark>Help Separate Work from Home:<br> Anyone who has worked from home will agree that the biggest drawback of working from home is the abundance of distractions it offers. When you are comfortably lounged on your sofa and have your kids, pets, family chores, visitors, and a lot of other home-related matters drawing your attention, work is bound to suffer. It can also happen that when you work from home, you are tempted to spend a couple of hours watching the TV or catching up with the latest series on Netflix. A shared office space ensures a distraction-free environment and also lets you separate work from home.</mark> <p></p> Enhance Your Productivity:<br>When you opt for coworking, you step into an environment full of people who are eager to carve out a niche in their own fields. The energy and positive mindset of the people working in such a space help to remove your own uncertainties and motivates you to overcome any downward trend in your work. Also, since such spaces are full of people who are not part of a single office or not vying for the same professional achievements, the sense of rivalry and competition is much less among the co-workers. <p></p> Opens Up Net Working Opportunities:<br> Coworking spaces are a melting pot of people with varied talents and belonging to different professional backgrounds. Being a part of such an environment opens up the opportunities to network and get in touch with people who might be relevant for your business or work. <p></p> Reduce Costs and Increases Flexibility: <br> If you are considering renting office space, you will have to be financially ready to not just rent the space but spend on installing the required infrastructure and then maintaining them as well. With coworking space, you save on the cost and the hassles of renting and managing office space. Moreover, you can opt to work out of even prime locations without having to dig deep into your pockets. <p></p> Offers the Opportunity for Expert Advice:<br> Most coworking spaces organize different kinds of events and programs to help co-workers gain a better foothold in their respective industries and become successful. As a member of a coworking space, you get to attend such programs and events without any extra cost. Apart from such events, you can also ask for expert professional advice from the talented people surrounding you when you face a roadblock in your work. <p></p> Gives You a Comfortable Workspace with all the Necessary Facilities:<br> Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces ensure that you work in a comfortable environment. By a comfortable space, we mean access to all facilities such as refrigerator, microwave, internet, coffee machines, lockers, printers, and of course, parking space, and all that for free or a very nominal cost. Add to that a bright and cheerful ambiance, dotted with ergonomic chairs where you can sit and work for hours without straining your backbone.

The MusterPoint - school image
The MusterPoint

Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, at Musterpoint you’ll discover spaces that inspire your most impactful work. We offer solutions designed for all your needs. Workspace is our craft! From private offices to whole headquarters, we create spaces that work for you. <p></p> Mission Statement <br> <mark>To enable productivity and innovation across Africa by providing well curated, energy efficient, innovative and well distributed work-spaces for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and large corporation.</mark> <p></p> Our Vision <br>> To provide innovative workspace solution that enables growth of sustainable businesses across Africa. <p></p> Our Values <p></p> Community <br> We ensure our members feel connected and supported to do their best and most productive work. <p></p> <mark>Creativity <br> We apply creative thinking to our workspace solutions, ensuring superior customer experience to all our clients.</mark> <p></p> Purposeful Living <br> We thrive on innovation that keeps us relevant now and in the future. <p></p> Collaboration <br> We enable collaboration amongst our community members to ensure access to mutually beneficial business opportunities. <p></p> <mark>Innovation <br> We thrive on innovation that keeps us relevant now and in the future.</mark> <p></p> Authenticity <br> We believe that what you give to the world is your uniqueness, and we ensure we stay authentic to who we are.

Dominion Co-working Hub - school image
Dominion Co-working Hub

Dominion Co-working Hub is designed to bring you the best working environment where you have focus to connect, create and collaborate with like minds for better and concrete growth of your brand and business, we are located in the heart of lekki, suite 1 level 5 dominion plaza off by igboefon bus stop off lekki epe express way. come be part of us. <p></p> <mark>Business service <br> - Modern office spaces in the heart of lekki <br> - Office space -Conference Room - meeting room <br> - Rent for Hourly/Daily/Monthly/yearly usage <br> - Affordable </mark>

Zahari Workspace - school image
Zahari Workspace

Zahari Workspace offers a unique Co-working Space in Lekki that provides fully-equipped offices with many benefits for your Business, including Conference Room, Meeting and Training Rooms, as well as a Virtual Office, the perfect Business Address for your company. <p></p> <mark>Zahari Workspace is a professional upscale Co-Working Space designed to inspire you. We are built with the unique idea that people work better in comfortable environments.</mark> <p></p> We offer privacy as well as a Space to connect and relax. Zahari Co-working space is not only a place to call your own, but also a lovely work environment like you’ve never seen before. <p></p> We have all the essentials needed for you to successfully run your business. From state-of-the-art technology to Office Assistant and flexible payments, we’ve got you covered. All you need is your computer. We’ll take care of the rest. <p></p> Co-Working Packages All Inclusive plans, with flexible terms starting at Daily or Quarterly payments.

SpacePAD - school image

SpacePAD is an innovative coworking space that facilitates the productivity of entrepreneurs in various industries. <p></p> We are building a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who collaborate, inspire and share brilliant ideas. <p></p> <mark>We are a fully serviced office spaces service provision company. Our idea of working entails that work and business productivity should be highly maintained, therefore, business owners would not have to worry about basic and advanced office space. </mark> <p></p> What we offer <p></p> We provide a well equipped workspace at flexible and affordable rates. <p></p> Our workspace has a serene environment devoid of distractions giving you an atmosphere to create your best work. <p></p> Whether, you are at the Premium, Executive office suite or Open floor (co-working) your productivity and comfort is essential to SpacePAD. We are committed to doing our part, and technology is at the heart of our approach. We have put in place new technologies and systems to help improve productivity and networking to help make it easier for everyone to get around. <p></p> Feel energized all day with natural light. Our offices have lots of windows allowing plenty of natural light to fill the place. A nice outside view all year around to refresh your mind.

Enterprise Hubs - school image
Enterprise Hubs

Enterprise Hubs owned by Pedestal Africa Limited is an integrated network of online and physical resource centres for emerging enterprises in Nigeria and beyond. A platform for promotion of businesses across Africa, <mark>offering shared workspaces, virtual offices, contemporary business hubs, online B2B marketplace, business support services and a complete suite of enterprise development services.</mark> <p></p> Our Vision <br> Creating an enterprise community for entrepreneurs to innovate, interact and succeed. <p></p>Core Values <br> Community, Convenience, Network/Collaboration, Efficiency. <p></p> Office Space <br> We have state of the art office spaces to cater for your needs <p></p>Virtual Office <br> Take control of your business, by having a business address in the heart of Lagos Nigeria. <p></p>Professional Services <br> <mark>We support entrepreneurs, by offering professional services at a reduced cost</mark> <p></p>Training Programs <br> Get involve, and participate in our training programs.

Kofisi Ikoyi - school image
Kofisi Ikoyi

Kofisi’s agile office space on Ikoyi is an excellent choice for any business needing reliable and secure serviced offices in the Nigerian capital. Known for its smart residential streets and high-end retail stores, the iconic Heritage Towers is a fitting addition to the area. Using recycled water systems, automatic presence detectors and high- efficiency lighting, it is the city’s first environmentally certified commercial building. Sitting at the crossroads of Lugard Avenue and Kingsway Road, this futuristic flexible workspace is within easy reach of Lagos’s international airport and main shopping amenities. <p></p> PRIVATE OFFICE IN IKOYI <br> Kofisi’s Private Offices and Office Suites in Lagos are located in Heritage Place – one of the capitals most iconic and modern buildings. These secure and reliable enclosed offices are suitable for companies of any size who want to work in their own area, but who want to use the amenities Kofisi agile areas offer. <p></p> COWORKING IN IKOYI <br> <mark>The agile office space in this Centre has been designed with pieces sourced from local artisans. It is suitable for clients renting flexible desks or who need a work location while in Lagos. Other state of the art facilities include a phone/Skype Booth, a Breakout Lounge, private Booths and Huddle Rooms for impromptu meetings, a communal Kitchen Parlour, a Book Nook, CoffeeCopy and a Coffee Station.</mark> <p></p> MEETING ROOMS IN IKOYI <br> Kofisi Meeting Rooms are for four to six people and can be rented for an hour or more. Knowledge Rooms, taken for a minimum half day, are designed for team strategy or team training sessions and can hold a large meeting. These rooms have been designed to create a working atmosphere which is at once studious and inspiring, and our staff members have been trained to ensure you have everything for a productive and smooth-running meeting.

Work and Connect - school image
Work and Connect

Work and Connect is a hybrid model enterprise support organisation that holistically builds capacity, support the growth of youth-led businesses, innovation-driven entrepreneurs, accelerating MSMEs and innovates for good. The organisation offers a variety of support to entrepreneurs through its two arms; Connect Lab (An Innovation Lab) and Connect Space (A co-working space). <p></p> Connect Lab, the start up incubation arm of the company is focused on developing the next generation of youth-led ventures, and impact-driven social enterprises in Africa through implementation of entrepreneurship development support programmes learning and design thinking projects and policy advocacy workshops. <p></p> Connect space is the biggest co-working facility in Nigeria situated in the heart of FCT, Abuja. <mark>The space is focused on building a vibrant community while making room to accommodate everyone irrespective of their budget or working style. Our space is exclusively furnished and designed with leading IT facilities to support and meet the needs of modern-day workers.</mark>

The HAP Abidjan - school image
The HAP Abidjan

We provide entrepreneurs with a comfortable space to work, easy access to business resources and networking. The HAP is your 100% African space for creative and ambitious people. The HAP, a place open to all, offers you a space adapted to your rhythm and your budget. <mark>Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a creative, you can come and work in our coworking space.</mark> At The HAP, you can also exchange ideas, share your resources, or take advantage of an atypical and intimate space for your events in our event space.

WorkCentral Nigeria - school image
WorkCentral Nigeria

WorkCentral Nigeria offers a great co-working space with a variety of different options. From Dedicated Desks to Team Desks to Private Offices, we have built a creative fun place to work around other people with similar goals and passions. <p></p> <mark>Our space is specially designed for freelancers, SMEs, and budding entrepreneurs who need a location to work with a professional outlay.</mark> <p></p> We offer packages designed to provide scalability to businesses at ultra-affordable costs. <p></p> Our growing community sets us apart from other places. A key feature is our Monthly events focused on start-ups, marketing, coding, and other important topics. You even get free software to drive your business! <br> - Serviced / Private Offices <br> - TeamDesk <br> - Dedicated Desk <br> - Virtual Office Service

Proximity Space - school image
Proximity Space

At proximity space, we are committed to providing an environment that is serene, conducive and technology capable to allow our residents achieve their optimal performance and ability. <p></p> Proximity space is a place for startups, SME's entrepreneurs and freelancers in and around Lagos. Even if you are just visiting Lagos or Nigeria, you will be able to find solace in Proximity Space. <p></p> <mark>We offer a solution to the problem of isolation entrepreneurs' face working from home and at the same time gives them an escape from distractions. Together as a community, we can change succeed!</mark> <p></p> We love to: <br> - Think - Proximity space isolates you from the hustle and bustle of Lagos enabling creative juices to flow and allow ideas to come to fruition. <br> - Create - We provide an environment to allow our residents bring their ideas to life. We ensure all the necessary technology and ancillary services are provided to support our community grow and create a conducive environment where coworkers can exchange ideas and create solutions. <br> - Collaborate - We are more than just a beautiful space. Proximity space gives an opportunity to meet a diversity of skills/professions and people who share values. <p></p> Advantages with Proximity Space <p></p> High speed internet (75MBPS) <br>We use Fibre from source to our offices. Pure Internet joy. <p></p> 24/7 Security and access control <br> Access to the offices is available 24 hours a day with Access Control to the main building. <p></p>Constant uninterrupted power <br> Proximity Space provides a 2 standby generators and an inverter which ensures you remain connected at all times. <p></p> Dedicated front desk <br> We provide a dedicated receptionist support service to help our clients in order to meet the needs of their business. No need to hire a receptionist. <p></p>Meeting room with flipchart and projector <br> Our dedicated meeting room is equipped with a state of the art projector and flip charts to cater to any presentation

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33B Flexible Offices

33B Flexible Offices was created with the following people in mind: small to medium-sized professional teams and individual professionals who have short-term business in Lagos and are looking for a fully equipped, conducive, accessible and affordable workspace in the Lekki area. <p></p> Do well to have a feel of the place through our Virtual Tour tool on the website and book a viewing of the space and we would get in touch with you. <p></p> 33b Flexible Offices is more than just an office space, we are a community of like minded professionals in an innovative environment- collaborating, connecting and creating. As a member of 33b Flexible Offices, you have access to a variety of facilities such as: <mark> <br> - Fully furnished Private Offices. <br> - Sizable Conference room. <br> - Virtual Office. <br> - High Speed WiFi. <br> - Dedicated front desk. <br> - Printing, Photocopying and other facilities. </mark> <p></p> Workspace Key Features <br> - Private offices with dedicated Front Desk <br> - Conference room with state-of-the-art presentation facilities <br> - Built to foster productivity <br> - Fast & Reliable Internet <br> - Virtual Office <br> - Printing and Photocopying services

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Foteino Talento

Foteino Talento is a dynamic establishment located at Victoria Island, Lagos. We understand how flexibility and agility are two keywords featured in the new normal and have therefore created a space that caters to individual workers, freelancers, and as well as organisations - start-ups, SMEs and large organisations who have grasped the concept of the world of work. <p></p> <mark>FT Workspace is designed to enable an environment conducive to productivity, creating pleasant and comfortable conditions for you to thrive in. Paying close attention to subtle details, such as knowing what colours, sounds and smells will induce calmness and implementing these methods, is what we pride ourselves in.</mark> <p></p> Benefits <p></p> <br> - Official Working Hours <br> - Conference Room​ <br> - Prestigious Location <br> - High Speed Internet​ <br> - Wireless TV Projection <br> - Printing/Scanning <br> - Flexible Work Space​ <br> - Mail & call Handling​ <br> - Pet Friendly​

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WakeMan Heights

At Wakeman Heights we believe in giving businesses the choice, flexibility and access to office space. We create bright, inspiring workspaces that can be customised to individual needs, within consistently professional environments. <p></p> When choosing which co working space proximity is right for your office space, we provide you the best space in the heart of Lagos, our office is close to Lagos State Rail Terminal in Alagomeji, Yaba. Our service will give your business flexible options with open plan desks and offices to rent by the month or hour. <p></p> <mark>Our office space, coworking environments, business lounges and meeting rooms come with everything taken care of. Our experienced, friendly teams sort all the details and services you need for your business to thrive, so your business can be more productive and stay focused on what’s important.</mark>

The LOBBY - school image

The LOBBY is the new Business Center ideally located in the consular district of Ouaga 2000, providing its customers with a modern and friendly work and relaxation area. Our The LOBBY Business Center has a <mark>co-working office space, a large training room and two private meeting rooms.</mark> Our relaxation and catering area is on the terrace in the heart of a green garden at the edge of a beautiful swimming pool for small or large breaks in the fresh air.

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Avery Scott

Our mission is to give budding Ghana-based entrepreneurs the necessary leverage in elevating their businesses to a professional standard equitable to those of advanced countries. As a measure of economic growth via the GDP Growth Rate proxy, several studies have shown that advances in economic growth in the developed world as well as that of transition economies are primarily entrepreneurship driven (Acs and Audretsch, 1990; Carlsson, 1992; Audrestch and Thurik, 2000; Carree et al, 2002; Audretsch et al, 2007; Thurik, 2009; Audretsch and Thurik, 2010; Acs et al, 2012; Sarkodee, 2013). <p></p> The Issue<br> Again studies show that poor ICT penetration and unfavorable financial markets are some of the factors that stifle opportunity seeking entrepreneurs in developing countries such as Ghana. In Ghana where leasehold demands are stringent with landlords asking for 2-year advance payment coupled with unrealistic interest rates on loans from financial institutions, entrepreneurs run into financial constraints before their ventures get off the ground. <p></p> The Solution<br> <mark>In giving entrepreneurs the necessary tools; a professional environment, access to knowledge via reliable internet connectivity, a fully fitted and functional work space, conference room equipped with video conferencing, projector, etc, we do not only give budding entrepreneurs the stepping stone to elevate their businesses, we also encourage the knowledge spillover process which sparks further innovation via interaction.</mark> <p></p> Vision<br> The vision is to be the market leader in facilitating multiple serviced offices across Ghana in efforts to churn out growth-driven entrepreneurs who will in effect contribute toward Ghana’s economic growth through their activities in employment creation, spending, savings and investment.

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Horizons Offices

Horizons Offices is a fully furnished serviced office provider based in Accra, Ghana with a presence in Kenya and Nigeria. We provide a world class working space, home to African’s businesses within prime locations in the continent’s business hubs. We are a business partner committed to supporting and growing your business. <p></p> At Horizons Offices, you have found a "Home in Africa". We have created workspaces that offer you the comforts of home. <p></p> <mark>A place where you can focus on your business and your business will be nurtured through your efforts and the care of the Horizons team. We understand what it takes to grow a business in Africa.</mark> We have been operating here for the past 10 years and we understand the ups and downs of doing business in Africa. <p></p> We are in it together, so you will never have to do it all alone. It is our home and we have the networks that can support your business growth and success. We are excited about the opportunities for growth within the continent and as we’ve seen our network of offices grow, we believe that you too can succeed within our business home.

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Community Spaces

When you become a member of ComUnity_Spaces, you get access to much more than just a desk or office. We take care of all the small details so that you can spend all your time focusing on the things that matter. <p></p> Our Integrated Facility Management ensures our spaces are "Plug and Play", you only have to walk in and you are covered on every amenity and utility required for a productive day. <p></p> 24/7 BUILDING ACCESS <br> At ComUnity_Spaces, we believe in giving our members the freedom to work worry-free and at their convenience. Our access control and security systems allow you that flexibility. Please let us know if there’s something else you need, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests. <p></p>HIGH-SPEED INTERNET <br> <mark>As a growing Coworking Space, we pride ourselves on creating a work environment that is hassle-free and fosters success. That’s why we provide High-Speed Internet for all members. Allow your business to experience uninterrupted connection.</mark> <p></p>CAFETERIA <br> Continue your business discussion over a sip and a bite in our cafeteria or hangout there for the superb networking opportunities. Our well stocked bar would satisfy your cravings, otherwise you could make an order from the many partner restaurants and malls in the enclave.

Kukun - school image

We know Accra is full of talented and visionary people and we've set up Kukun to provide an inspiring space where this community of like-minded entrepreneurs and small businesses can work, meet, collaborate and socialise. Whether you're an innovative architectural practice, budding media agency, app developer or freelance journalist we hope you can call Kukun home. <p></p> Our renovated space comprises of office spaces and a cafe and bar and large outdoor garden. <p></p> Offices on the upper 2 floors of this building have been renovated in simple industrial style and are available for daily, weekly or monthly rental. <p></p> <mark>Workspace packages have been tailored to help establish and nurture emerging creative, companies grow their businesses. Whilst more established companies will be able to operate effectively with guaranteed costs and reliable internet within a stimulating and dynamic environment. </mark> <p></p> The cafe and bar on the ground floor is open to the public. With a large outdoor garden and air-conditioned inside space we hope you enjoy this space as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Regus - Accra - school image
Regus - Accra

Set in a five-star hotel in the central business district, Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel makes an inspiring home for ambitious businesses. <mark> Impress guests as they pass the palm-lined walkway, gushing fountains and the grand columned entrance, and work in comfort and style from bright and airy spaces.</mark> <p></p> Travel to major organisations, with the Accra Financial Centre, World Trade Centre, International Conference Centre and government ministries all close by. And unwind after work in the onsite fitness centre and Accra’s largest outdoor swimming pool.

AfricaWorks Accra - school image
AfricaWorks Accra

Our mission is to unlock Africa’s business potential by providing high-quality office solutions and in turn creating vibrant and successful business communities across the continent. <p></p> AfricaWorks Accra drives a business culture of networking, creativity, and innovation in Accra’s fast-growing and robust economy. <mark> AfricaWorks Studio was tapped for the design, fit-out and project management for AfricaWorks Accra co-working space.</mark>

Ijula - school image

Ijula is a direct reflection of Wyetey Group workforce and its process, it a colossal combination of a launchHouse, creativity playground and serious business. Imagine your packages delivered. Your caffeine fix arrives on your favorite productive corner, as you like it. Your schedules integrated; your data uncluttered. You get a roof to achieve; you can find your zone to slay. A seamless integration between online and offline space, digital yet real, that provides efficiency to the undulating process and reveal infinite possibilities: The possibility of you getting connected with your work and your world, anywhere, anytime. <p></p> <mark>It is more than just a place to work, it is a place for people to engage and learn from one another while developing their businesses, dreams and hopes.</mark>

The Haus - school image
The Haus

The Haus is a membership-based coworking space that provides freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers with affordable and well-equipped work space, a vibrant networking community, and resources to grow their businesses. <p></p> A <mark>people-centric workspace that caters to the needs of driven and aspirational individuals in a personal manner, enabling them to feel inspired and productive.</mark> <p></p> Our Amenities <p></p> Comfort <br> Indoor and outdoor seating, air-conditioning etc. <p></p>Food & Drinks <br> Our in-house cafe is a true hidden jewel <p></p>High Speed Internet <br> <mark>Super fast internet with 2 backup providers</mark> <p></p>Conference Room <br> Host meetings in our spacious conference room <p></p>Prime Location <br> Walking distance from A&C Mall, the first mall in Ghana <p></p>Flexible Packages <br> From half-day passes to full-time members to virtual office <p></p>Events & Community <br> <mark>Courses, incubators, seminars, and networking events</mark> <p></p> Co-Living <br> We have a rooms for rental and a rooftop above our offices

BaseCamp Initiative - school image
BaseCamp Initiative

Our vision at BaseCamp Initiative is governed by the fact that a simple idea, can change the future when nurtured in the right environment with the right resources. In fact, what started as a Collective Design Studio, under the stewardship of Sunita Kragbe, is now known as Accra's first Creative Hub. <mark>Nurturing the pulse and rhythm of young professionals, BaseCamp Initiative has been paving the way to progressive business culture through creative empowerment.</mark> <p></p> After 3 years of supporting professionals with work and leisure facilities through the medium of Coworking, BaseCamp Initiative has upgraded its ecosystem by merging with L'Atelier to create a new heaven. The agenda to connect people from different walks of life under one roof and facilitate the birth of creative thinking communities remains! <p></p> We've created <mark>a heaven like no other for remote workers, freelancer, entrepreneurs,</mark> art connoisseurs, event planners and we like to call it Accra's best kept secret.

Jokkolabs Banjul - school image
Jokkolabs Banjul

Jokkolabs Banjul is a shared professional workspace that welcomes entrepreneurs, freelancers, companies and anyone looking to develop their professional projects. <p></p> It is an incubation center for start-ups and the empowerment of children and young people. <mark>Jokkolabs supports youth in the community through skills development and positive engagement to support the socio-economic development of the country.</mark> Jokkolabs Banjul is the first English-speaking Hub within the Jokkolabs network. Its digital studio has produced documentaries, awareness campaigns and other creative materials for individuals and organizations.

Co.Lab Innovation - school image
Co.Lab Innovation

Coworking space located Rue des Jardins in Abidjan. Shared and private offices, meeting room. Access according to your schedule. Event spaces, restaurant, co-living. Business domiciliation. Communication solutions. Designed with total flexibility, the CO.LAB spaces, in shared or private mode, allow you to work alone or in a team. Ranging from hourly and daily formulas to monthly formulas, you also have the possibility of accessing our workspaces for a few days a month according to your needs and your personal schedule. <p></p> Offices equipped, comfortable and without commitment! <mark><br> - 24/7* <br> - high-speed Internet <br> - Equipped offices <br> - Concierge <br> - Relaxation area</mark>

Kheris Workspace - school image
Kheris Workspace

Coworking gives you the opportunity to exchange with other professionals who have experienced or are facing the same problems. We provide you with all the necessary amenities allowing you to work efficiently at a lower cost. <p></p> Office equipment<br> We offer you all the conveniences to work efficiently. <p></p> High-speed Internet<br> An unlimited very high-speed connection with free optical fiber for all. <p></p> A secretariat<br> A secretariat for your mail, taking your calls and all office tasks. <p></p> Meeting room<br> A conference room equipped for your work meetings. <p></p> Frequently asked questions related to the use of our coworking space <p></p> Can we take a day pass?<br> Yes. Kheris offers the possibility to coworkers to work a day if they wish. <p></p> Is the internet included in the offers?<br> Yes. Kheris offers free high-speed internet connection thanks to fiber optics to all coworkers. <p></p>Is the domiciliation included in the coworking offers?<br> The Coworking offer is separate from the domiciliation offer. <p></p> What services come with the accommodation offer?<br> <mark>High speed internet, customer reception, coffee, reception of calls and mail, an assistant, 1 hour / week in the meeting room etc. </mark>

Big Center Workplace - school image
Big Center Workplace

BIG CENTER (Workplace) is independent work centers, open to the city of Abidjan which offers services to VSE-SME entrepreneurs, liberal, everyone finds their place. <mark>A simple principle of coworking: a real place of exchange, you can control your professional environment and benefit from the emulation of the group. Each member is free to share or devote themselves to their own projects. Offices available near you served more reliably and ensure is a key word for us.</mark>

Taisou Business Center - school image
Taisou Business Center

Located in the calm and peaceful commune of Cocody in Abidjan, Taïsou enjoys easy access whether you are coming from the business center in Plateau or the residential area of ​​Cocody. It is also accessible in record time from the international airport of Abidjan. The business center is positioned as a solution to the needs of entrepreneurship, outsourcing and quality service provider partner expressed by companies or individuals. <p></p> <mark>Private offices and shared workspace are available at advantageous rates, ideal for entrepreneurs and employees on secondment. A meeting room, a conference room, a relaxation area are part of Taisou's offer. Free and tailor-made support is offered to all customers of membership.</mark>

Kalewo - school image

Make the choice of the workspace made to measure for you. KALEWO is a coworking and event space located at Riviéra 3, not far from the Siant Viateur clinic. With a capacity of 15 people, our large, air-conditioned meeting room, <mark>equipped with high-speed internet connection (orange fiber) and a video projector is perfectly equipped to host your trainings, workshops and your seminars in small committee.</mark> <p></p>Kalewo provides its meeting rooms to host your business meetings, training workshops and small committee seminars. <p></p>Our air-conditioned, perfectly equipped meeting rooms come with high speed internet, video projector, parperboard and can capacity 10-20 people. <p></p> Recipe: <br>Large Meeting Room (1 to 20 persons): <br>- 10,000 FCFA/hour <br>- 35,000 FCFA / Half-day <br>- 70,000 FCFA/Day <p></p> Small meeting room (1 to 10 people): <br>- 5,000 FCFA / Hour <br>- 20,000 FCFA / Half day <br>- 40,000 FCFA/Day <p></p> Kalewo is your new Business Center that provides furnished offices, meeting rooms, co-working space and event space.

Root Co-working Bureau Privé - school image
Root Co-working Bureau Privé

Whether you are organizing a training session, a meeting or a seminar, we have the right space for you. Our mission is to promote an <mark>affordable and African workspace, a restaurant that places African food as luxury food. Our mission is to uplift Africa.</mark>

Huub Cowork - school image
Huub Cowork

Huub is a digital, flexible, connected coworking space in a high-end environment, offering tailor-made services to all members of the community.We look forward to seeing you. <mark>Our workspaces are at your disposal 7days/7 and 24/7! The Huub is located at 12, rue de industry in Zone 3 in Abidjan.</mark> When are we meeting each other?

AfricaWorks Abidjan - school image
AfricaWorks Abidjan

Our mission is to unlock Africa’s business potential by providing high-quality office and coworking space solutions in cities across Africa including Abidjan, Accra, Cape Town, Dakar, Dar Es Salaam, Lagos, Lusaka and Nairobi and in turn creating vibrant and successful business communities across the continent. <p></p> Connect<br> <mark>AfricaWorks encourages the free flow of ideas to create a vibrant Pan-African community that grows together. Our community is made up of 2,000+ self-driven entrepreneurs/founders, C-Level executives, independent freelancers and creative artists from every industry imaginable across the continent.</mark> <p></p>Grow<br> Since we launched in 2019, we have recorded tremendous growth and helped a number of Africa’s best businesses grow under OneRoof®. We are ambitious for continued growth, and we do this by working with the best minds to provide new age thinking & solutions that address the continent’s potential. <p></p>Succeed<br> We are committed to your success, and we strive to share your success with our AfricaWorks Pan-African community. If you're looking to scale your business to the next level, our flexible spaces guarantee your success and growth under OneRoof ®

Elite Buro - school image
Elite Buro

When we founded ELITEBURO in 2018, our ambition was to go further than simply creating beautiful shared workspaces. We wanted to create a community. A place in which, while preserving your identity, you are part of a group. A place where success is defined by personal accomplishment. The sense of community is our driving force. <p></p><mark>ELITE BURO offers both a workspace and a collaboration space for social innovators in search of synergies.</mark>

XPER Work - school image

Located in the heart of Abidjan, a few minutes from Abidjan International Airport and the Plateau, business district or just a stone's throw from the Autonomous Port of Abidjan, XPER WORK is a coworking space where reigns conviviality, mutual aid, reflection and creativity. <p></p> Our spaces welcome professionals from all fields and allow an active and diverse community to work together. <p></p> Much more than just a coworking space. Our mission is to better support entrepreneurs and share more than just a coworking space. Our offer in this sense consists in offering you professional , pleasant and warm workspaces to help you achieve your development objectives. <p></p> Our Coworking Formulas XPER WORK is the <mark>ideal place for all mobile professionals, freelancers, digital players and entrepreneurs looking for a collaborative workspace for their startup or their VSE at a lower cost.</mark> In this friendly place, meet and discuss with your future partners over a coffee.

Regus - Abidjan - school image
Regus - Abidjan

Work from a popular business destination with good transport links. Network and grow from our workspace at 7 Boulevard Plein Ciel in Abidjan. Located on Boulevard Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, this center places you among companies from a wide range of sectors, including telecommunications, technology and professional services. <p></p> Park easily on site, then head to a comfortable lounge to check your emails. Advance in your tasks in a <mark>modern environment, with private work cabins, friendly shared spaces, all bathed in natural light. Later, relax with your team at one of the many cafes and restaurants in the area.</mark>

Royal Work Club - school image
Royal Work Club

A premium co-working, serviced offices and business clubs to work, meet and host events. RWC offers access to a unique community of business travellers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in Africa. <p></p> THE RWC EXPERIENCE <p></p> Elevate your work day <br> <mark>Designed to meet the growing demand of a functional and efficient workspace for professionals with a focused agenda, RWC reimagines how work is done in West Africa. Its thoughtful amenities, accompanied by an attentive team on hand to cater to your every need makes working from RWC a truly unique experience. </mark> <p></p> Host an EVENT<br> Royal Work Club offers a premium space to host your corporate events or private parties. From 10-150 people our sleek spaces provide catering, quiet break out areas, Cigar and Whisky Lounge, with services during the day or evening. Let us help you host meetings, conferences, after work networking events etc. <p></p> Meet exceptional people<br> Our events help our community collaborate, build robust business relationships and share industry knowledge, which helps our environment to thrive and succeed. Join us for business breakfasts led by industry leaders, lunch and learn sessions, art exhibitions, wine tastings and speed networking events to name a few.

OASIS Coworking Abidjan - school image
OASIS Coworking Abidjan

Benefit from an optimum and flexible working space: Open space, partitioned office desks or sofas! Book our meeting rooms by the hour or by the day.<mark>Join other coworkers in a shared space, work in a collaborative environment, and participate in regular events</mark> Choose the type of working space that suits you best and take advantage of the first coworking space with a relaxation room dedicated to your well-being.

Jokkolabs Abidjan - school image
Jokkolabs Abidjan

Located in the residential district of Angré, the oldest Jokkolabs hub in the city of Abidjan opens its doors to all creatives and entrepreneurs. At your disposal, a friendly, airy and air-conditioned open space in which you can work in peace. Those who love daylight will enjoy it. Secured access ! <p></p> <mark>For your meetings and training we provide a comfortable and pleasant meeting room (capacity 25-50 seats) with the necessary equipment to allow you to work in complete serenity.</mark> <p></p> And if you need more space, our large, bright, fully modular room (can accommodate 80 to 150 people) will be available to you for training and events with a larger audience.

Seedspace Abidjan - school image
Seedspace Abidjan

Seedspace is a collaborative workspace where entrepreneurs and tech startups find the best service and environment to nurture their ideas and grow their business. Founded in 2018 and located in the peaceful Zone 4 in the proximity of both the city center and the airport, the hub offers a dynamic environment and plenty of networking opportunities. <p></p> Pricing <p></p> <mark>Hot Desk<br> Starting from FCFA 80,000 per day<br> Need a place to focus and stay productive? Just bring your laptop and get a spot in our open coworking space. Walk-ins are welcome!</mark> <p></p> Shared Desk<br> Starting from FCFA 100,000 per day<br> Your own dedicated desk to make it your own and focus on work. Bring your personal work equipment and leave it safely at the hub! <p></p> Private Office<br> Starting from FCFA 40,000 per month<br> A combination of privacy and comfort with a fully furnished office. Your own space for you and your team, while remaining connected with the community.

My Address - school image
My Address

In Côte d'Ivoire, citizens who are increasingly oriented towards entrepreneurship are often faced with difficulties related to administrative procedures or the physical domiciliation of their business (expensive rents; electricity bills, telephone bills, internet or even water). Unable to remain insensitive to this problem and having the entrepreneurial spirit ourselves, we offer solutions favorable to entrepreneurs. <p></p>My Address is a coworking space created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, project leaders, associations in order to promote a new way of working and promote a certain ease during their creation but also throughout their existence. <mark>Our goal is to set up a workspace adapted to all types of needs and entrepreneurs so that they can grow their business more serenely.</mark> You are at home, dear entrepreneurs do not hesitate to contact us

Le Phare Coworking - school image
Le Phare Coworking

Our mission is to promote meetings and synergies between entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, social entrepreneurs, small teams, business people by creating a meeting space, an inspiring place, a place of learning. Le Phare was elected best coworking space 2019 in Abidjan by the Coworker site, which brings together a network of 11,500 spaces around the world. We are grateful to our members and to the community. <p></p> OUR FACILITIES <br> - An open work area <br> - Private offices <br> - Personalized spaces for large companies <br> - A modular and connected conference room <br> - Meeting rooms <br> - A welcoming terrace to relax <br> - A coffee area <br> - A parking space <br> - Home automation throughout our site <br> - A 600m square Rooftop: The RooPh <p></p> OUR COMMUNITY <mark> <br> - Networking events & conferences <br> - Mentoring services <br> - Formations <br> - A place of exchange and collaboration <br> - office services </mark>

Contact Buro - school image
Contact Buro

For short or long periods, we provide a private workspace equipped with the necessary furniture, wifi connection, air conditioning. Contact Buro has been in the landscape for over 20 years and has been recognized as the best copy services down in Ouagadougou. It has developed now into a <mark>co-working space, fully functional with the highest internet speed available.</mark> With a dedicated and skilled team entirely dedicated to make your work easier, we welcome you to come and give it try?

The Office Ouagadougou - school image
The Office Ouagadougou

A solution in the heart of Ouagadougou for your shared or temporary workspace needs. The Office provides you with fully equipped offices for flexible rentals, with hourly, daily and monthly packages. Our private offices and our design coworking space offer you a pleasant and operational working environment equipped with the following services: <br> - Emergency electricity <br> - High speed wifi connection <br> - Air conditioner <br> - Meeting room <br> - Prints, scans, photocopies <br> - Receptionist and courier services <br> - Relaxation area and lush garden <br> - Coffee and tea service <p></p> OUR PROPOSAL <p></p> WHY WORK AT THE OFFICE? <p></p> You are an international structure setting up in Ouagadougou <br> <mark>The Office allows you to focus on your core business during the first months of your installation. You won't need to rush into finding premises, hiring security and cleaning staff, buying furniture and equipment, subscribing to internet services, electricity, …. Grab a desk or two and start working right away!</mark> <p></p> You are a small structure looking for economical solutions without compromising the quality of your working environment<br> The Office allows you to share the costs associated with running an office with others while enjoying a safe and quality work environment. You also benefit from a stimulating environment thanks to exchanges with others. Finally, The Office gives you the flexibility to take up only the space you need when you need it. <p></p> You are a consultant, researcher, self-employed <br> The Office allows you to find the calm to be efficient. With the flexible plans on offer, you can take advantage of The Office setting for just a few hours to complete an important report, or The Office can be your permanent place of work. Finally, at The Office you no longer work in isolation and can take advantage of the networking opportunities of coworking.

Jokkolabs Ouagadougou - school image
Jokkolabs Ouagadougou

Jokkolabs Ouagadougou is first and foremost a professional shared workspace with a community atmosphere. It is an open space, which welcomes any entrepreneur seeking to develop his network, meet new collaborators, discuss his practices and develop his professional, personal or associative projects. <p></p> Located in Ouaga 2000, in the heart of activities, Jokkolabs Ouagadougou helps start-ups to create, organize and innovate via the internet and new media. <p></p> <mark>It is designed to meet the needs of micro-enterprises, freelancers, home workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups or digital economy workers, writers, designers and other new media or digital arts professionals whose work does not does not fit into a classic office model.</mark>

Business Offices Lome - school image
Business Offices Lome

Our workspaces allow you to work where you need to, in a productive business environment. Create a workspace that fits your business, today and tomorrow, and grow within our professional community. <p></p> <mark>Fully equipped, our private offices provide an inspiring environment and help ensure that your team, whatever its size, can concentrate, collaborate and perform at their best.</mark> <p></p> Benefits: <br> - high-speed Internet <br> - Meeting facilities <br> - Secretariat <br> - Private phone booth <br> - Friendly staff <br> - Terrace lounge bar <br> - modern kitchen <br> - Video conference

IOKA Works - school image
IOKA Works

Whether you are a large, established company or a growing start-up, you can no longer no longer have to choose between flexibility, prestigious and optimal management of your workspace. Choose for IOKA Works. <p></p> <mark>IOKA Works is on a mission to develop modern and inspiring work environments for organizations of all sizes. A Single Point of Contact for Business Development. IOKA Works is a Great place to work.</mark>

Tempo Coworking - school image
Tempo Coworking

Tempo Coworking is a collaborative space intended to accommodate all types of professionals in a functional, comfortable and friendly environment in a spirit of professionalism and benevolence. For a few hours or a few months, work at your own pace by opting for the formula of your choice and organize your team meetings, workshops, launches, press conferences or training in our fully equipped spaces offering optimal comfort. <p></p> Our mission <br> <mark>Offer inspiring professional spaces and services offering an innovative approach to work and modes of collaboration mainly focused on the sharing of experiences and personal achievement.</mark> <p></p>Our vision <br> Foster the creation of a creative and trusting environment to generate synergies between members of the Tempo community.

La Bulle - Coworking Space - school image
La Bulle - Coworking Space

La Bulle Coworking Space is a workspace designed for anyone wishing to work in a pleasant and friendly environment far from isolation. <p></p> Need to have a co-worker meeting outside of your work environment? The Co-working Space Bubble provides its boardroom for your meetings. <p></p> <mark>Would you like to house your company or start-up at La Bulle Co-Working Space? Locating your business with us: <br> - we receive and store your packages* <br> - you will use our address as the address of your company's head office. <br> - you will get access to the boardroom at preferential rates.</mark> <p></p> You don't need your computer to work at La Bulle Co-Working Space. Our living space has computer hardware for your needs. From 50,000 francs a month, access it and benefit: <br> - of an hour/week in the boardroom, <br> - High speed Internet access <br> - from the reprogram credit <br> - Refreshing.

L'Atelier Coworking - school image
L'Atelier Coworking

The workshop is a modern coworking space offering an inspiring work environment and fully equipped with amenities and tools to help you be more productive. <p></p> If you are passing by #Lateliercoworking, you will no doubt notice the beautiful canvases that dress our walls! <p></p> They are the work of the very talented Togolese painter thierry tomety We wish you a pleasant weekend with some of them <p></p> Do not hesitate to ask for the price catalogue at reception when your next visit to us because yes, they are indeed on sale! <p></p> <mark>This is also the Workshop! A showcase for all.</mark>

Iba Ajie - school image
Iba Ajie

Iba Ajie is a community and resource center which houses a museum, a restaurant that sits 29 inside, co-working spaces, a research library with 2000 reference books, a coding and digital academy with 35 workstations as well as 62 gaming consoles for eSports and gaming competitions. We also have a training room and performance spaces indoor and outside. <p></p> <mark>We have a fully installed and network routed 31 desktops facility, this facility runs and operates as a coding academy teaching code and robotics. The core partner for Dibueze Coding Academy is Techquest Nigeria.</mark> <p></p> The academy offers multiple services and programs <br>A)Software courses <br>B)Coding and robotics courses <br>C)Digital Skills Training. <br>D)Invigilation & Certified Exam Center <br>E)Stem Academy <p></p> Ibaajie Coworking Space <br> Iba Ajie is deep rooted in the culture and focused on the future. Our innovation hub is where tradition and culture meet technology and the future. Fully fitted with co-working spaces, meeting/training rooms and a game room. <p></p> The programming and ambience of <mark>Iba Ajie is designed to support local teams and companies who need modern and functional co working spaces administered by our hot desk.</mark>

DLCoworking - school image

We are young Nigerian women entrepreneurs who have set themselves the challenge of providing women with a space where they can express their talents and find all the comfort necessary for the success of their business creation projects. <p></p> Through our coworking space, we give Nigerien women access to a workspace where they can deploy their creativity for innovative projects. <p></p> Do you have an idea or a project in mind and need support?<br> DLCoworking opens its doors to women with personalized support, a network of experts and a workspace. <p></p> <mark>Innovation & the SDGs<br> Support for innovative projects in response to the sustainable development issues encountered in Niger.</mark> <p></p> OPEN INNOVATION PROGRAM<br> A program of collaboration between large groups, start-ups and institutions to invent new solutions and open up possibilities for partnerships. <p></p> INTERNAL TRAINING<br> Group coaching for executives and managers of large companies and creativity workshops for project teams. <p></p> Coworking<br> Rent a position in the heart of Niamey and work in a bright and spacious workspace

AfricaWorks Lagos - school image
AfricaWorks Lagos

Our mission is to unlock Africa’s business potential by providing high-quality office and coworking space solutions in cities across Africa including Abidjan, Accra, Cape Town, Dakar, Dar Es Salaam, Lagos, Lusaka and Nairobi and in turn creating vibrant and successful business communities across the continent. <p></p> Connect<br> <mark>AfricaWorks encourages the free flow of ideas to create a vibrant Pan-African community that grows together. Our community is made up of 2,000+ self-driven entrepreneurs/founders, C-Level executives, independent freelancers and creative artists from every industry imaginable across the continent.</mark> <p></p>Grow<br> Since we launched in 2019, we have recorded tremendous growth and helped a number of Africa’s best businesses grow under OneRoof®. We are ambitious for continued growth, and we do this by working with the best minds to provide new age thinking & solutions that address the continent’s potential. <p></p>Succeed<br> We are committed to your success, and we strive to share your success with our AfricaWorks Pan-African community. If you're looking to scale your business to the next level, our flexible spaces guarantee your success and growth under OneRoof ®

Africa Outsourcing Business center - school image
Africa Outsourcing Business center

Are you looking for a quiet and comfortable place to work? The comfort of our coworking offices would suit you for your work while making you more productive. Also you can network or collaborate in our offices. <p></p> <mark>Looking for a place to work alone or a place for your team? Our fully equipped private offices provide you with an inspiring space that can be adapted to your needs. </mark> <p></p> You need a room for a seminar, a training, a recruitment or an interview? Our meeting rooms would go with your needs, we adapt them to your objectives according to your criteria while proposing a range of services to make your moment pleasant.

Jokkolabs Senegal - school image
Jokkolabs Senegal

Jokkolabs Dakar welcomes you to its space with open space, coworking space, meeting rooms, terrace. Our hub regularly hosts entrepreneurs and events (workshops, talks, etc.) <p></P> <mark>Jokkolabs is a unique environment where entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators can develop their business quickly.</mark> <p></P> As the oldest hub of Jokkolabs, the Dakar hub is particularly active in new community animation and the Action Tank, notably through: World Entrepreneurship Week, Africa Code Week, Civictech festival , Civitech Senegal Tour, Citizen Connections, Jokkofood, Jokkokids, and many more!

Freethinker - school image

Freepenseur was created with the aim of providing a modern and user-friendly workspace. Our space has dedicated offices, closed offices and all the necessary amenities to evolve in a work environment conducive to your success. <p></p> The advantages of our offices. In addition to having modern offices and flexible plans, upgrading to Freethinker includes the following advantages: <mark> <br> - Fiber Optic Internet</mark> <br> - Printer, Fax and Scanner <br> - Courier service and business domiciliation <mark><br> - Networking events </mark> <br> - Meeting room <br> - Equipped kitchen <br> - Car park <br> - Periodic cleaning <br> - Water and Coffee <br> - Common relaxation area <br> - Accessible to members 24/7 <br> - Secure building at all times

Diokotech - school image

Are you looking for a quiet and comfortable place to work? The comfort of our coworking offices would suit you for your work while making you gain in productivity. Also you can network or collaborate in our premises. <p></p> <mark>Do you want a room for a meeting, seminar, training, recruitment or interview? Our meeting rooms would go with your needs. We adapt them to your objectives according to your criteria while offering a range of services to make your time enjoyable.</mark>

Ayena - school image

AYENA is a collaborative workspace, ideal for entrepreneurship, networking and training. An innovative workspace open to all, entrepreneurs and employees alike are welcome. Our young and experienced team awaits you. <p></p> Entrepreneurship<br> AYENA supports you in the realization of your ideas for innovative projects <p></p> Networking<br> Our network of partners is at your disposal. We organize networking events. <p></p> <mark>Training<br> For your skills development projects, join our team of professional trainers.</mark> <p></p> Communication<br> To succeed in your communication campaigns, trust our team. <p></p> Linking<br> For your connection needs in order to establish fruitful partnerships, take advantage of our network. <p></p> Funding<br> Financing remains a headache for entrepreneurs. We guide your fundraising campaigns.

Regus - Dakar - school image
Regus - Dakar

Discover new opportunities in this important business district Grow your business in this growing commercial district in Senegal's capital. <mark>Enjoy an innovative workspace environment in our SIA building and share the neighborhood with many international companies and embassies.</mark> <p></p> Leave your car in the on-site car park to work productively in a modern professional environment. The large bay windows let in a maximum of natural light, while the common areas are conducive to relaxation. If you need to entertain your customers, the surrounding area is full of restaurants and luxury hotels.

SoLuz - school image

SoLuz is a coworking space that provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for all its partners, whether permanent or occasional. <mark>Coworking & Networking, intends to support young entrepreneurs in the sale and distribution of baskets and Christmas Bouquet, made with love, quality products and great prices.</mark>

Prime Cowork - school image
Prime Cowork

Your coworking space located on the historical center of Mindelo, at a typical house from the early 1900s, a few meters of the City Hall, close to everything. Prime Consulting and Business Incubator Center have a partnership to provide improved services and opportunities for Coworkes, start-up's and CV Remote Program adopters. A space with a warm atmosphere, good lighting, tennis table to relax, fresh water, space always clean. <mark>Good place to exchange ideas and knowledge, making available all possible means for carrying out research, preparation and testing of projects. has a pleasant dining area, it also serves as an exhibition space for paintings. The space contains some plants, helping to maintain a pleasant and fresh air, contains musical instruments, such as a battery, violin and a guitar, all with the purpose of having a harmony in the space of Rigor and professionalism and relaxation and leisure.</mark> With all these tidbits Coworking by prime, it is one of the best places to work

Jokkolabs Bamako - school image
Jokkolabs Bamako

Jokkolabs Bamako is an open space, which welcomes any entrepreneur seeking to develop their network, meet new collaborators, discuss their practices and develop their professional, personal or associative projects. <p></p> It is <mark>designed to meet the needs of micro-enterprises, freelancers, home-based workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups or digital economy workers, writers, designers and other new media or digital arts professionals whose work does not fit into a classic desktop model.</mark>

iCampus - school image

iCampus- Liberia’s first multi-disciplinary, innovation and community space for change-makers focusing on the intersection of technology, accountability and social change. Our 4,000 square foot campus in the heart of Monrovia provides the space, resources, support and cutting-edge technologies that can make change possible in Liberia. <p></p> <mark>Book a room, buy a day pass, or become a member of a growing collaborative community pushing for a different more inclusive and prosperous future!​</mark>

TOogueda - school image

Find your flexible workspace. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, discover flexible spaces and solutions to move your business forward. <mark>Enjoy the freedom of having space whenever you need it—by the hour, the day, the month, or longer.</mark>

Regus - Conakry - school image
Regus - Conakry

Make a home for your business with a Regus private office. Our fully-equipped workspaces have everything taken care of – from the furniture to the high-speed WiFi – so you can focus on driving your business forward. <p></p> <mark>A place for your business to grow</mark> <p></p> A few minutes from Conakry Gbessia international airport, the Tour Niger centre is located in downtown Kaloum's business area, where most of the country's companies are based. <p></p> The building is within 500 m of the presidency, ministries, the port, the French embassy, major hotels and banks.

The Hub - school image
The Hub

The Hub is a co-working space where young people and consultants get together to share ideas, innovate, grow, and learn. <mark>It is a space where creative minds meet cutting edge technology to create solutions to our everyday problems.</mark>

Stargate Workstation - school image
Stargate Workstation

STARGATE Workstation is a dynamic community of creative professionals, startups, and freelancers, founded on the idea that entertainment, creativity and business can come together to offer a truly unique work experience for professionals in Ibadan city. <mark>With on-site partnerships with a gym and cafe, STARGATE Workstation exists as an interactive cultural hub, inspiring creativity through business collaboration.</mark>

Smart X Business Hub - school image
Smart X Business Hub

At Smart X Business Hub, we believe that hardwork and collaboration are the new competitive advantage that drive sustainable growth. <p></p> That is why our unique <mark>services are built around a community of goal getters with fresh ideas. We provide the growth lever through a wide range of conducive work spaces and other facilities in a well designed work environment.</mark> <p></p> Our cost effective spaces are offered with flexible payment terms to suit most budget plans. <p></p> From one location, we offer several possibilities.

GilGal Office Suites - school image
GilGal Office Suites

GilGal Office Suites is the preferred working environment for business owners who are keen on portraying a professional image to their clients. <p></p> Work in the GilGal environment is a plug and work style as you are provided with literally all office equipments and and utilities such as internet, printer, waiting lounge, receptions and administration services, access controlled office doors for maximum security, car park, just to name a few.

KoWorkNG - school image

KoWorkNg is a co-working space facility management company based in the southern part of Nigeria, focused on providing an enabling business environment for individuals and firms passionate about excellence in their craft. <p></p> <mark>KoWorkNG is a co-existing workspace for businesses, companies, organizations and individuals. KoWorkNG provides a serene community for working and executing business operations. We have incorporated contemporary office infrastructure and daily job utilities that meets the utmost requirements of our subscribers. </mark>

LeadSpace - school image

We provide reliable and flexible co-working space for entrepreneurs or founders of small and medium size businesses. <p></p> We pride ourselves as the best coworking space in Lagos and Nigeria. At Leadspace, our fully serviced offices have a distinct aesthetic and vibe that will inspire your team and all of your invited guests. When you choose to become a member of Leadspace, you focus on your to-dos and we take care of the rest. <p></p> We believe that office chairs, desks, internet access and uninterrupted power supply are fundamental business rights. Businesses should have them anyway. However, <mark>beyond these amenities, small businesses need more- the right support system, enabling environment and ancillary services they ensure they stay lean and agile while they grow. We provide all of these.</mark>

Venia Business Hub - school image
Venia Business Hub

We are Nigeria’s premier serviced, virtual and Coworking space in Lekki Lagos. We provide practical, affordable and flexible solutions to the common difficulties that come with running a business in Nigeria. Join our community of successful entrepreneurs. <p></p> <mark>Over the years, we started out on a mission to create a thriving and vibrant community of entrepreneurs who will make magic happen across diverse Industries. Today, our clients are some of the biggest names in their Industries, creating jobs and enormous impact.</mark>

Hub30 - school image

We are a community of bold minds who have decided to work under the same roof. Our workspace and the people around us inspire us to take action, to grow, to do better. <p></p> Open spaces<br> We have enough open spaces and slots to suit you and your workstyle <p></p> Days a Week<br> We are open from Mondays to Saturdays <p></p> Events annually<br> From casual to networking to workshops, we have events suited just for you <p></p> Inspired members<br> <mark>Our community comprises of diverse members , come and connect and be a member</mark>

ReDahlia - school image

ReDahlia is a business hub dedicated to educating young minds regularly on how to make better investment decisions through our insightful articles and contents. We are also committed to giving you first class information on the happenings in the business world. We only ask that you daily keep a date with ReDahlia. <p></p>ReDahlia’s Shared Cubicles is designed with working comfort in mind. The Shared Cubicle allows individuals or teams work in close comfort and without distractions. <mark>Each member using the shared cubicle also has the benefit of having their own drawers for the safekeeping of files and documents.</mark> <p></p> The shared cubicle is an open office plan. Adequately spaced to prevent congestion and promote ease of movement. ReDahlia’s Shared Cubicle plan is the finest offereing for a serviced office plan anywhere in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

Vatebra Tech Hub - school image
Vatebra Tech Hub

The Vatebra tech-hub creates an exciting digital innovative space where business and education interact to harness skills in innovation and technology. Small and early-stage, high-growth businesses will be able to access advisory services, trainings, mentorship and business incubation. <p></p> The vision for the hub is <mark>to provide a meeting point for learning, innovation, business creation, networking and incubation. The centre will be a hub for business-to-business interaction, knowledge exchange and access to apprenticeship and higher skills development, all of which will help to attract and retain talent in the state and its environs.</mark> The hub also has a design capability, enabling businesses to undertake research, develop prototypes and proofs of concept.

Workbay - school image

Workbay Executive Int’l Limited is a shared office space provider; we offer entrepreneurs and start-ups cost effective office space (Co-working space, private office and virtual services) with the benefits of flexible minimal set-up and exit costs. <p></p> <mark>Our mandate is to provide office space with convenient working environment and an infectiously serene ambience where our clients only concentrate on striving for productivity, profitability and achieving business excellence. Whatever your budget is, we will cater for you.</mark>

Cranium One - school image
Cranium One

Cranium One is a warm, open and inviting shared workspace for entrepreneurs and small businesses located in the heart of Lagos, Victoria Island. <mark>The design and operation of the space function as a convener, to encourage collaboration amongst its members. Shared desks are side by side. Separated offices and meeting rooms provide privacy with enough windows to remain connected to the space. Communal kitchen and dining area attract workers to each other and to their independent projects.</mark><p></p> Community building programming – social events and collaborative projects bonds the members together. Cranium One will offer its members a collaborative, engaging work environment that shares resources and ideas. In addition, Cranium One will provide a selection of interactive, experiential learning classes that will cover topics such as creative thinking, effective project management so individuals can develop skills that give their work and play new energy.

Ee SPACE - school image

Coupled with high speed internet, open and spacious workspaces, we provide an amazing place for our members. <p></p> Find your spot <br> <mark>Whether you need a dedicated desk or a private office, we provide exactly the space you require within budget.</mark> <p></p> Work and Connect <br> Claim your space among people with businesses who are ready to connect.

Workstation Nigeria - school image
Workstation Nigeria

Our mission is to drive innovation throughout Africa by providing entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups and small businesses with <mark>dynamic, curated work-spaces designed to cultivate creativity, increase productivity and encourage community building.</mark> <p></p> We are the intersection of collaboration and critical thinking, giving change-agents a platform to make their ideas a reality.

Aimtoget hub - school image
Aimtoget hub

Aimtoget hub brings productive people together through shared workspaces, special events, social spaces and our digital member network. <mark>We were made by this community and we are here to serve its members. Love your work and work where you love.</mark>

Akure Tech Hub - school image
Akure Tech Hub

We believe that we are part of a community, we are not here to set up a new one, but to help the already existing community emerges. <mark>The Akure Tech Hub aims at creating a dynamic an ecosystem with communities skilled and well-prepped to actualize sustainable economic growth, leveraging on the technology of course.</mark> <p></p> Equipped with a plethora of ground breaking ideas, innovative minds, and all the more willing partners, we hope to achieve a knowledge and result oriented economy capable of fast tracking industrialization and a technology-driven ecosystem.

First Pavilion Tech - school image
First Pavilion Tech

Co-working Space are a great alternative for start-ups, small to mid-size businesses or those who want an interactive environment with like minded business people. <p>< <mark>Flexible co-working space with daily drop in or hot desking and permanent desks to rent on a month-to-month basis. Access to communal spaces, meeting rooms, business grade wifi and networking events.</mark> <p></p> Whether you're a freelancer, a startup, or a solo-preneur, our co-working space are the ideal environment for your growing business <br>- Unlimited Internet <br>- 24/7 Power Supply <br>- Free coffee <br>- Movie Nights <br>- After Hour Gaming Session <br>- Meetups and Hangouts

Paritie - school image

Are you a freelancer, a startup, or an established enterprise? We have a stimulating workspace environment that brings out the best in you and will better the way you work. <p></p>In addition, <mark>we provide a collaborative platform for startups to leverage human resources and technology to connect, build and innovate. </mark> <p></p> We are building a vibrant community where people can become better at innovation, learn new technologies, meet new people, find support, and pursue their passion together.

Cloud 10 Tech Hub - school image
Cloud 10 Tech Hub

We offer a shared office environments that encourage collaboration, training and networking amongst talents, a dynamic environment where inspiration can be found. Mingle with likeminded people from freelancers to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. <p></p> We also offer training through our iMove programme, A two-months intensive on-site (8 Weeks) digital skill development training that will equip you for financial freedom using real-world projects.Yes! Real-World Projects The different skill options are;<br> - Digital Marketing <br>- Graphic Design <br>- Website Design (CMS) -UI/UX Design

Colab Innovation Hub - school image
Colab Innovation Hub

CoLab is an innovation hub and a collaborative community for startups, innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs. Our purpose is to build a technology ecosystem in and around northern Nigeria, starting from Kaduna. <p></p> We are doing so through <mark>community centric innovation, peer based, hands-on learning, and a platform that provides the foundation and resources to turn problems into solutions and ideas into products and companies that can scale.</mark> <p></p> Our co-workspace is an environment that allows your natural curiosity foster learning, inspire creativity and innovation.

Ventures Park - school image
Ventures Park

Ventures Park is a curated Co-working Space in a serene environment of the city where entrepreneurs, freelancers and brilliant minds, who share common attitudes, interests, and goals can express their creativity, collaborate and build their dreams. <p></p> <mark>Equipped with high speed internet, front office services, gym, coffee and artsy finishes, you will enjoy working at the Park.</mark> At Ventures Park, we provide the modern entrepreneur desk spaces as well as Private Offices at competitive prices with flexible payment options. We will love to have you here!