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The Tony Elumelu Foundation

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is the leading philanthropy empowering a new generation of African entrepreneurs, driving poverty eradication, catalysing job creation across all 54 African countries, and increasing women economic empowerment. Since the launch of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme in 2015, the Foundation has trained over 1.5 million young Africans on its digital hub, TEFConnect, and disbursed nearly USD$100 million in direct funding to 18,000 African women and men, who have collectively created over 400,000 direct and indirect jobs. <mark>The Foundation’s mission is rooted in Africapitalism, which positions the private sector, and most importantly entrepreneurs, as the catalyst for the social and economic development of the African continent.</mark> <p></p> The Foundation’s ability to fund, train, mentor, and network young African entrepreneurs, has created a unique platform for catalysing growth across the African continent. <mark>The robust ability of the Foundation to reach entrepreneurs across geographies and sectors, has enabled it to conduct innovative partnerships</mark> with the European Union,United Nations Development Programme, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the United States Government via the United States African Development Foundation (USADF), The Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), The French Development Agency (AFD), The German Development Finance Institution (DEG), The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), The African Development Bank (AfDB), and Google, with bespoke programmes including targeting female empowerment and growth in fragile states.

Fondation Jeunesse Numérique - school image
Fondation Jeunesse Numérique

The Fondation Jeunesse Numériqu's mission is to create an ecosystem that facilitates the initiatives of young digital entrepreneurs. The promotion of innovation and the development of start-ups in ICTs may ultimately have a significant impact on national economic development and on the quality of life of populations. <p></p> Mission <mark> <br> - Raising awareness among Ivorian youth about digital entrepreneurship <br> - Detect young people with innovative projects <br> - Support selected young entrepreneurs (training, coaching, provision of workspaces, mentoring, strategic relationships, assistance in finding funding) <br> - Contribute to the consolidation and improvement of the startup support ecosystem in Côte d'Ivoire</mark>

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Ghana Climate Innovation Center

The Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC) is a cutting-edge national business incubator located in Ghana. The Centre is an institute of Ashesi University, one of the country’s premier tertiary institutions. The Centre was established in 2016 to support Ghanaian entrepreneurs and new ventures involved in developing profitable and locally appropriate solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation. <p></p> <mark>GCIC’s focus is on developing and growing green, profitable, and sustainable businesses, led by ethical leaders with critical thinking skills and a deep commitment to gender equality and social responsibility. </mark>GCIC is a disruptive force leading the efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change while driving Ghana’s economic growth. Our passionate, courageous, and dedicated team members and entrepreneurs are committed to the transition to a prosperous, inclusive low-carbon economy. Our commitment to our entrepreneurs is to develop and provide: <p></p> Holistic business and leadership training programs; Tailored portfolio management and support services, including financial grants; Access to global industry and financial experts in the following five sectors: climate smart agriculture, energy efficiency, solar power, water management, domestic waste management; and Influence the government policy sector to advance climate-smart policies and statutes. GCIC challenges the mindset of its entrepreneurs, cultivating and strengthening their focus on sustainable commercial success, but also their contribution to long-term implications of their activity in Ghana, Africa, and the world. We seek to drive inclusive interventions not only around the green economy but especially concerning women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion. We see this focus as essential to building an economic powerhouse and a sustainable society in Ghana. <p></p>Our Vision <br> A centre of excellence, growing Ghana’s green economy through sustainable entrepreneurship, innovation, and climate policy advocacy. <p></p>Our Mission <br> Our mission is to develop and support an exceptional set of transformational ventures and entrepreneurs who are pioneering adaptive and mitigating solutions for climate change issues in Ghana. <p></p>Our Values <br> - Curiosity: Persistently seeking knowledge by understanding ourselves and our environment. <br> - <mark>Innovation: GCIC was established to build and support local capacity among climate-smart SMEs to produce and manufacture locally adaptive innovative solutions to climate change mitigation and adaption. Innovation is at the core of what we do.</mark> <br> - Leadership: GCIC is part of Ashesi University whose mission is to raise ethical entrepreneurial leaders in Africa, leaders with critical thinking skills, concern for others, and the courage needed to transform the continent. We deemed that it was even more important to not only support enterprises with business tools and services, but also to support their leadership to be lateral and critical thinkers that have the capacity to lead enterprises that are solutions-based and transformational.

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Women in Tech Across Africa

Supporting Women in Tech Across Africa(WITA) to Positively to Impact their Communities Positively. WITA believes that women are equally capable of being at the forefront of technological development and advancement in Africa and the world at large. <p></p> Women in Tech Africa mission is 3 fold: <mark> <br> - Promoting the capabilities of an African woman achiever ( career/entrepreneurship) <br> - Raising today’s female leaders and role models for the next generation <br> - Ensure African growth through technology by bridging the digital divide </mark> <p></p> Women in Tech Africa is the largest group on the continent with membership across 30 countries globally with 12 Physical chapter in Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Germany, Ireland, Britain, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, and Cape Verde <p></p> Women in Tech Africa is also the 2018 recipient if the United Nations Equals Award for Leadership in the Women and Technology Space

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8thGear Hub

We firmly believe in creating enterprises with a sustainable business strategy at our venture studio. At the beginning of the business and throughout its existence, we place a high priority on speaking with potential clients. Years of failing fast and failing forward to create thriving businesses have helped us identify the conditions required to increase the chances of an idea thriving. Our in-house team of experts is on standby ready to turn ideas into viable businesses. <mark> <br> - Concept Validation <br> - Market Research <br> - Product Management <br> - Go-To-Market <br> - Visual & UX Design <br> - Engineering <br> - Business Analytics <br> - Company Formation <br> - Finance <br> - Operations <br> - Legal & HR <br> - Recruiting </mark><p></p> How We Do It <br> A business's development is not a simple stroll in the park; it requires a great deal of grit, guts, and resources. It is a voyage that should not be attempted alone. That is why our team of professionals, who have traveled this path before, has devised a mechanism that works effectively to help ideas scale. <p></p>01 - Ideation<br> The idea could be ours or it could be yours.<br> When we come across a problem that we think is intriguing and significant, we dive right in, looking for long-term solutions. The idea could have come from us or from somebody else. However, when we sense a huge potential, we immediately get to work. <p></p>02 - Validation<br> Speaking with potential customers from the beginning to confirm assumptions.<br> To confirm that the problem is actually a problem for the identified customer segment and to learn how they want it solved, assumptions are tested and validated by regularly engaging with potential customers. <p></p><mark>03 - Creation<br> Fail fast Fail forward<br> We don't spend decades perfecting an MVP; we deploy as soon as possible. Taking real-time market lessons and making adjustments on the go. We will keep working on the idea, refining and adjusting it constantly while keeping the customers at the heart of our decisions.</mark> <p></p>04 - Spinout<br> We spin out once proof of concept is achieved.<br> Once we have a small group of raving fans who are willing to pay and spread the word through referrals. It is past time to turn these concepts into stand-alone enterprises. Our in-house legal, branding, and human resources experts get to work right away, spinning them off as distinct firms with a strong commercial framework. <p></p>05 - Scaleup<br> Scale the Fundamentals<br> We allow founders focus on the core of their value offerings. Ensuring that as these businesses grow and scale the team does not lose sight of the fundamentals while we make sure everyother part of the business is working as it should

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Makers and Leaders Hub (MALhub) is an open, serene and beautiful shared workspace for startups and entrepreneurs at a lower cost than they would spend on space of their own. The hub gives small businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs the platform to work and pursue their goals in a revolutionary smart way. <p></p> MALhub Relearn Program is a 3-month comprehensive, expert-led, Virtual training targeted at solving problems while leveraging technology. <p></p> <mark> Our Vision <br> To improve the ecosystem through the power of technology. <p></p> Our Mission <br> To foster Nigeria's economic growth by providing job for the youths. <p></p> Our Value <br> Inexpensive Workspace provision. Community Of Like-Minded Professionals. Programs & Activities for Developer. Job Creation. Cool Atmosphere. Collaboration. Dignity & Respect. </mark> A place to develop your dreams, we will love to have you here! <p></p> Co-Working Space <br> We provide inexpensive workspace where people meet, work, network, share ideas and collaborate on projects that can improve the ecosystem. <p></p>Incubation <br> We help new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training, co-creation work space and business support. <p></p>Ecosystem Development <br> We improve the economic status by empowering youth, develop new technologies, and expand job opportunities in the community. <p></p>ICT Training <br> We offer intensive ICT training on web development, graphics design, UI/UX, 3D animation, robotics, office management and more.

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nHub Foundation

nHub Foundation is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that works to enhance policy advocacy, gender inclusiveness, Technology for all, infrastructure/capacity building as regards Employability and Entrepreneurship, innovation and every aspect of social impact. <p></p> We have in place a comprehensive plan to equip you with practical skills and help you gain proficiency in various areas of ICT. Whether you are completely new to the world of ICT, or need to add an extra skill to your profile, we have tailor-made training services for all categories of learners. <p></p> Our training programs cover, but are not limited to Website design and development (in various languages and stacks), Mobile App development, Robotics, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Data Science and AI, Graphics Design and 3D Animation. <p></p> <mark> Innovation <br> We nurture young enterprising talents to discover and grow their creative prowess into proffering viable solutions to evolving challenges. <p></p> Community <br> Be part of Africa's fastest growing tech community leveraging on emerging technologies and data governance. <p></p> Growth <br> Equipping Africa's growing economy for sustainability through several impact-driven initiatives. </mark> <p></p> Our Vision <br> We have a vision of being the leading aggregator of sustainable ecosystems in Africa. We intend to empower a minimum of 5,000 youth within the next 3 years. <p></p> Our Key Principles <br> - Building on existing plans/programmes/strategies <br> - Enhancing communal/individual commitment and leadership <br> - Adherence to sustainable development principles <br> - Participation and meaningful involvement of all stakeholders <br> - Gender equality and inclusiveness <br> - Transparency and accountability

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Harmony Innovation Hub

Harmony Innovation Hub is your one stop shop to incubate and accelerate startup growth. Our purpose is to empower the Nigerian entrepreneur with the tools and resources to thrive while providing an enabling environment for fostering innovation. <p></p> At HIH, our goal is to get you from idea to market. We provide an accessible and an enabling environment through capacity building, community engagement events and an encompassing startup growth program to make this possible. <p></p> <mark>Individuals <br> - Capacity Building <br> - Co-working space <br> - Internships & Job Placements <p></p> Startups <br> - Incubation & Acceleration <br> - Startup School <br> - Growth Opportunities </mark> <p></p> Corporates <br> - Technology Delivery Factory <br> - Consultancy <br> - Events

Impact Cove - school image
Impact Cove

We are more than a space. We are a community of entrepreneurs and professionals passionate about changing the world through ideas and innovation. Our community offers the best experiences and inspiration for members to increase productivity and explore new ways of solving small and big societal problems. <p></p> We recently rebranded to reflect our renewed commitment to building a thriving community of social entrepreneurs and change leaders. Through our programs, events and community initiatives, we seek to foster collaboration, leverage innovation and collective action as we empower emerging social change leaders and everyday citizens with resources to maximize social impact. <p></p> Social Impact Academy <br>Designed for emerging non-profit organization and leaders, SIA is a platform to equip social change makers with the tools and resources they need to make change happen. SIA is a capacity development and skills-building program for the social sector practitioners. Our training caters for a wide range of audience within the social sector, from emerging social entrepreneurs at the initial stage of their ideas, and those who have already tested and looking to scale. <p></p> OpenGov Social Impact Challenge <br>Open Gov Social Impact Challenge (OSIC) is a competition that seeks to identify practical, original and social impact ideas (especially those that promote open government, accountability and improved citizen engagement - broadly defined) promoted by emerging social entrepreneurs across Nigeria. Designed as a pilot, the program is presented as a platform that gives emerging social entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their solutions and access some resources (mentorship, training, and workspace) and potentially funding. <p></p> Social Enterprenuer in Residence <br><mark>Our Social Entrepreneur in Residence program provide dedicated mentorship, guidance and support for our fellows and community members. With our extensive network of resources, we provide consistent support to help our community members navigate the challenges associate with starting and scaling a social enterprise. </mark>

IDEA App - Guinea Bissau - school image
IDEA App - Guinea Bissau

IDEA App is a series of online incubation and mentoring programs created to make sure that thousands of early-stage entrepreneurs build their capacity and create viable enterprises in their regions, especially youth and women. <mark>IDEA App supports entrepreneurs from Guinea Bissau to turn this around by creating innovative solutions that can boost, protect or scale the most relevant value chains in the country while generating new decent job opportunities. </mark> <p></p> How does the model work? <br> - UNIDO set three IDEA Centers as implementation partners and undergo a “Training of Trainers” program to build their entrepreneurship program management and incubation capacity. The training consisted of 6 sessions covering topics from creating a mentors network to mastering the IDEA App platform to facilitating best practices. <br> - Bridge for Billions co-manages the entrepreneurship program with the three IDEA Centers in Guinea Bissau: Agência Nacional do Empreendedorismo Juvenil (ANEJ), Innovalab and Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo (ADPP) <br> - All program partners select altogether 60 entrepreneurs from Guinea Bissau and over 80 local and international mentors to participate in the IDEA App program. All of them are trained and onboarded during Kickoff Day. <br> - <mark>As part of the program, all founders access structured guidance in 8 business tools, constant support from the incubation management team, personalized weekly mentorship, and a global community of founders, workshops, and sectorial resources. Internet and tablets are provided to the IDEA Centers by UNIDO to ensure all participants have the necessary tools to undergo the training.</mark> <br> - Agência Nacional do Empreendedorismo Juvenil (ANEJ), Innovalab and Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo (ADPP) provide local support and knowledge to the founders, additional in-person workshops and resources, and physical space for founders to work from. <br> - Entrepreneurs work in teams to develop their businesses while working weekly with volunteer mentors through the IDEA App platform. The five best and most impactful projects will receive up to €5,000 in funding.

InnovaLab - school image

InnovaLab (a social entreprise) founded by young Bissau-Guinean engineers, financiers, and managers and is the pioneer innovation accelerator in Guinea-Bissau. Innovalab fosters entrepreneurial ecosystem development and creates social impact by supporting venture creation and entrepreneurship in the following sectors: education, agriculture, healthcare and infrastructure. ​ <p></p> <mark>Through in person and online (web and radio) mentoring activities, as well as OpenLabs, Forums, TechCamps, Hackathon and Bootcamps, we inspire and empower Guinea-Bissau entrepreneurs to solve their immediate socio-economic challenges by leveraging and providing access to technology, resources and stakeholder networks. Our objective is to achieve sustainable development in Africa, starting in Guinea Bissau, by fostering innovation among the youth. </mark><p></p> Our mission is to spur innovation, develop new technologies, and expand job opportunities across Africa. <p></p> OUR FOCUS<br> We fuel economic development by playing a major role in Guinea-Bissau's innovation ecosystem: a network of established public- and private-sector organizations, all working together to spur innovation, develop new technologies, and expand job opportunities.

Kosmos Innovation Center - school image
Kosmos Innovation Center

Each Kosmos Innovation Center program is driven by local staff and private sector experts, resulting in a distinctive focus on commercial solutions and local knowledge. Our customized, best-in-class <mark>business support programs feature a mix of skills training, mentorship and seed funding.</mark> <p></p> Our Kosmos Innovation Center programs are structured to allow young entrepreneurs to create opportunities for themselves, by <mark>fine-tuning their ideas into a business focused on solving key problems in the agricultural sector.</mark>

GHATBI - school image

GHATBI provides an incubator services platform exclusively in the agro-processing and technology sector that identifies, invests, nurtures and grows micro and SMEs in high-growth, high-impact, business-to-consumer (B2C) opportunities. It is the first incubator group of its kind in the Western Region of Ghana and currently has active portfolio companies under management in the health, wellness, beauty and organic fruit juice processing industries. <p></p> <mark>GHATBI invests in and supports agro businesses that meet at least one or more of the below highlighted criteria: <br> - Women-led and/or women-owned <br> - Value-add to raw materials for domestic consumption <br> - Alleviates youth unemployment, spurs job creation <br> - Skills development, skills transfer </mark> <p></p> GHATBI purchases equity stakes in all portfolio businesses in exchange for investing seed capital and providing management support. While the incubator has an initial “Made in Takoradi” theme with the city’s 500,000+ population, selective opportunities in the Greater Accra region and northern city of Tamale will also be considered for investment and support. Priority will be given to Accra and Tamale ventures that help portfolio companies integrate into other parts of their respective value chains.

ARM Labs - school image
ARM Labs

Labs by ARM 2.0 is designed to engage Nigerian post-MVP fintech startups in a series of activities aimed at exponentially advancing the growth of their companies within 12 weeks, while ensuring their investment-readiness. Selected startups will be provided with financial investment, distribution and access to investors. <mark>Participants are provided with office space, access to asset management firm ARM’s network and carefully selected mentors from the fintech industry who will provide hands-on support and valuable introductions.</mark> Applications for the second cohort of the accelerator closed on 30 December. It’s not clear if the accelerator will hold a third cohort or not, so keep an eye out for any announcement on upcoming application cycles. <p></p> ARM Labs Innovation Program Structure <br> ARM Labs Innovation Program is an incubator program by ARM to support the startup ecosystem. It usually commences with a call for application to attract high quality founders building amazing products. <p></p> Innovation Program <br> The program lasts for seven(7) weeks and during this period, founders participate in roundtables, meet business leaders within ARM and share ideas, there are also mentorship sessions and startups are prepared for demo day as well as sessions that will enable them to get more funding

LPI Innovation Hub - school image
LPI Innovation Hub

The LPI Innovation Hub is a space that fosters ingenuity and inventions. It seeks to contribute to the driving demand for innovation and creativity, and so, prepare for the new frontier. We are dissatisfied with the status quo and work to solve the biggest pain points in different areas of our community from tech to business. <p></p> The Hub is open to creators and developers, designers and artists, techies and scientists, researchers, professionals, start-up and business owners, and students. <p></p> <mark>Our Focus Areas helps us organise ourselves in multidisciplinary teams and work with (and in) small project teams to develop new processes, create new business models, and ship new products and services to the connected global community.</mark> <p></p> We are currently in Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa and located within the campus of the premier university in Nigeria, University of Ibadan. <p></p> In line with the vision of LPI and fulfilling its purpose of enabling economic and creative opportunities for everybody, the LPI Innovation hub is a development environment, <mark>a platform where ideas and interaction between creative and technological oriented founders and persons are in the focus for creativity and innovation so communities and their citizens succeed; and barriers of entry are knocked down for people and businesses, leveling the economic playing field and providing access for all and improving the quality of life of the community through innovation.</mark> The Hub provides a cross disciplinary project platform on the University Campus housing and helping scientists, artists and experts to collaborate beyond their individual disciplines, universities and offices, investigating issues and challenges and proffer solutions that can be patented. The results are unique projects, new networks, further platforms and innovative approaches for commerce and research.

Recycle Up! Ghana - school image
Recycle Up! Ghana

The Recycle Up! Hub is a safe space for young Ghanaians to develop their professional skills, explore, collaborate and develop entrepreneurial ideas that promote the circular economy. We provide entrepreneurship education, mentoring and support services to young industrious Ghanaians to start businesses that help solve pressing societal challenges. <p></p> The Recycle Up! Incubator seeks to contribute to the creation of a robust circular economy in Ghana where all resources are effectively used to maximize impact thereby avoiding waste. We develop social entrepreneurs who create opportunities out of local challenges and share their knowledge and experiences with other youth. <mark>We will develop young entrepreneurs who are relentless in their pursuit of innovative entrepreneurial solutions and large-scale societal impact which contributes towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). </mark>We are running a 6-month non-residential incubator program to foster innovative ideas and to coach social startups that tackle environmental, economic and societal problems in Ghana.

ZongoVation Hub - school image
ZongoVation Hub

The ZongoVation Hub is a community technology innovation hub dedicated to the development and growth of young entrepreneurs and startups in the Zongo communities across Ghana. We support young people with ideas to become entrepreneurs by providing them with all the necessary tools and networks. <p></p> ZongoVation Hub’s approach is different – we don’t directly take equity, invest in or impose success metrics or membership time limits on our startups. However, we connect them with venture capital funds and investors. <p></p> <mark>We work exclusively with young entrepreneurs, not least tech entrepreneurs, by understanding the process they go through and the needs they have at each stage of their entrepreneurial journey. We support startups across all stages of their development – from ideation to exit.</mark> <p></p> Our members benefit from the flexibility and freedom to build their businesses and develop their products how and when they want, with the consistent support of our dedicated teams and a community of like-minded peers. <p></p> The ZongoVation Hub will provide new perspectives. Whether working in the co-working space, attending event or training workshops, or receiving in house consulting services, the Hub will create an environment that fosters innovation and ideation. The Hub will spark the entrepreneurial culture of the Zongo communities in Ghana. It will help members and young people to develop creative habits that will place them ahead of the current, ensuring they are leading the competition.

GrassRoots Hub - school image
GrassRoots Hub

GrassRoots Hub is an eco-entrepreneurship and SDGs Innovation Lab with global community of grassrooters making impact and social good. We educate, innovate and incubate start-ups and connect accelerators to leading companies, research institutions, foundations, non-profits, and investors. <p></p> MISSION <br> <mark>To accelerate grassroots innovations through co-creation. Collaboration and provision of support to build new thriving and passionate communities.</mark> <p></p> VISION <br> To strengthen brand integrity and reputation in the Bono, Bono-east and Ahafo region of Ghana as the leader in scaling-up grassroots ideas, start-ups and innovation. <p></p> CORE VALUES <br> The ABCD’s of GrassRoots Hub <br> - We Attract <br> - We Build <br> - We Connect <br> - We Deploy <p></p> Start-Ups<br> The Hub has four years of experience in incubating and supporting innovations within the scope of the SDGs vis-a-vis eco-entrepreneurship for social good <p></p> We have an established community of coaches, mentors and facilitators who provide start-ups under our programs with supports during their business development stage. <p></p> Part of our incubation support is to provide these start-ups with training to get them familarised with the market segment and assist them to access market opportunities in the Bono Region and beyond.

HOPin Academy - school image
HOPin Academy

We are an innovation hub providing goal-oriented, practice-oriented learning for young people harnessing technology. Our programs cover entrepreneurship, digital communication, Information Technology, video production, and business consultancy. As a social enterprise, we reinvest profits made through business consultancy and collaborative projects in empowering young people to realize their potential by providing a space for learning, idea generation and development of a startup entrepreneurial Eco-system as means of contributing to sustainable development. We are also engaged in educational innovation to ensure that entrepreneurship becomes part of the core subjects within Basic Schools in Ghana. <p></p> We are a team of idealists, strategists, developers, perfectionists & realists all thrown together. <mark>We come together to design the best services with a first-class user experience. We offer a comfortable space for events and training programs. We provide you with every resource to make your events and training fun and successful, a well-tooled maker space, and comfortable co-working spaces. </mark>

ICODE - school image

ICODE is a business and technology incubator which trains people on entrepreneurship and technology and provides co-working offices and private working space that comes with 24/7 4G internet WiFi access for early stage star-ups and individual change makers and dreamers who need such resources to pilot their ideas from table top to the market in the Western Region of Ghana. <p></p> ICODE established in the year 2016, has trained over 240 startup founders / entrepreneurs with 15% getting direct funding from the government to expand their businesses and create more employment opportunities the unemployed graduates, 85% of them getting funding and business support through contributions made from companies we partnered, directly built on the capacity of 900 young people in a remote town in Western Region called Dixcove <p></p> Services Offered at ICODE: <mark> <br> - Co-working space <br> - Private office <br> - Meeting room <br> - Event space <br> - Networking to Ecosystem Players / Investors </mark> <p></p> Over the years since it establishment, it has grown from the start of 50 registered community members to 800 officially registered community members with diverse background ranging from entrepreneurship, mobile application development, web application development to photography, arts, desktop application development, IoT, and socio-economic development. <p></p> Program Offered at ICODE HUB. <p></p> Code Project ( IoT, Mobile Development, Web Development, Digital skills, Entrepreneurship) <br> Code project is a four month skill incubation project which <mark>trains unskilled and unemployed people on computer programming in languages such as HTML AND CSS, JAVA, PYTHON, ARDUINO , ROBOTICS and other programming languages to equip them with the ability to build software and develop system applications such as mobile and web applications for a period of two months.</mark> The next two months in this project is used to train these beneficiaries on perfecting their skills for job recruitment and self establishment as self employed business people

Kumasi Hive - school image
Kumasi Hive

Kumasi Hive exists to support entrepreneurs and innovators of all types, particularly to encourage social impact businesses to develop innovative physical products and processing methods. Also, we provide access to the local entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem including access to government, relevant industry players, start-up/businesses, CSOs, and other stakeholders. <p></p> <mark>The Hive focuses on bridging the existing Digital and tech skills gap in the African digital entrepreneurship ecosystem and seeks to address it through integrated innovation. </mark>As the world enters into the 4th Industry age, there is a shift from traditional jobs to digital and tech skills-based jobs, Kumasi Hive is therefore committed to helping build the future work with skills in emerging technologies and create jobs and solution through accelerated adoption of these emerging technologies <p></p> We incubate selected promising hardware tech startups through our Hardware incubator and maker space, helping them move from the idea stage through prototyping to the product-for-market stage with both technical and business development support.

Women Haven Africa - school image
Women Haven Africa

Women Haven Africa is an innovative entrepreneurial female hub creating a friendly and productive environment for the growth and development of women led businesses, projects, and initiatives. <mark>Women Haven Africa provides business support services, connects innovative young women, startups, women-led organizations and women leaders with the business support, tools, and resources to thrive.</mark> <p></p> Women Haven Africa seeks to produce an empowered and influential community of female innovators who provide viable and sustainable solutions for various challenges faced in the world and is focused on increasing the participation of women in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Technology. <p></p> What We Offer. <p></p> COWORKING SPACE<br> Join our Vibrant and dynamic co-working community of Female startup founders, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small teams who are working to build their ideas and co-create innovations. <p></p>COACHING AND MENTORSHIP<br> We have a pool of coaches and mentors ready to provide tailored coaching and mentorship to startups and the hub community <p></p>NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES<br> We provide an enabling environment and platform for networking through community events and external programs that facilitates networking.These events allow members to build networks and cocreate innovative solutions. <p></p>CAPACITY PROGRAMS<br> We design and run capacity building programs for our members and the startup community. From experienced facilitators, mentors and top-notch speakers and experts, we curate opportunities tailored to startup needs <p></p>COMMUNITY AND START UP SUPPORT<br> We provide tailored support to our community members to grow and scale up. We provide a supportive and dynamic community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, early-stage businesses, social enterprises and business professionals in Kumasi. With over 500+ community members, we provide a large network of professionals to network and collaborate and thrive. We provide the needed resources, tools and platforms for our community to thrive and scale up.

HapaSpace - school image

We provide a supportive and dynamic community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, early-stage businesses, social enterprises and business professionals in Kumasi. Regular events allow members to build networks, work together on projects and learn from experienced tech and business practitioners. HapaSpace offers a social entrepreneurship programme, demo nights, startup events and training sessions. In addition to office desks & office space, we have a bevvy of amenities and perks for members and the general public. <p></p> Our Services <p></p><mark> StartUp Support<br> We provide incubation, acceleration and other programmes that are key to transforming ideas and prototypes into viable products and services</mark> <p></p>Funding Database<br> We provide a comprehensive database of funding, ranging from grants, equity, debt, venture capital competitions to sponsorships. <p></p>Community<br> With over 600 members in our communities, we provide a large network of professionals to network collaborate and thrive. <p></p>Training Room<br> Our 24 sitting capacity training room is available for hire. It is ideal for hands-on training, presentations, discussions and small events. <p></p><mark>Co-working Space<br> We have comfortable office space for different team sizes and individuals. We provided furniture, Wi-fi Internet, printing and scanning.</mark> <p></p>Events space<br> Our 60 seat event space is available for hire and is ideal for presentations, demo nights etc. It comes with two projectors for double presentation.

TANOEHub - school image

TANOEHub is an entrepreneurship and skills development centre in Dansoman Ghana that offers a variety of initiatives, projects and support services designed to inspire enterprise innovation and enable business startups to flourish. <p></p> <mark> TANOEHub provides co-working spaces, business support services, training, events, accelerator and incubation programs for a wide range of entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.</mark> <p></p> Our impact focus areas are Business Development Services, Capacity Building & Training, Networks & Database, Recognition & Exposure, Research & Publication and Acceleration & Incubation. <p></p> TANOEHub's operational objectives are to Enhance the entrepreneurial skills & capacities of entrepreneurs, to Promote an entrepreneurial culture through advocacies and forums, to provide business development support and capacity building resources to Startups, Small and Growing Businesses, to alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship development and to provide accounting and managerial support to Startups, Small and Growing Businesses.

Ghana Innovation Hub - school image
Ghana Innovation Hub

At the Ghana Innovation Hub we believe in the power of businesses and the power of technology to improve business operations. In order to help develop innovative businesses, we work to improve the quality and availability of support services and access to finance in the Ghanaian ecosystem. The hub offers physical working space, as well as business development services, investment matchmaking and ecosystem support. <p></p> We offer support in the ideation, incubation and acceleration stages; working towards business growth with the entrepreneurs we support. <p></p> Ideation<br> You are developing your idea or looking for inspiration for new product or service development for your existing business. You can join one of our workshops, networking events, or short courses to develop the right idea The goal is to develop your idea or a first business model. <p></p> Incubation<br> <mark>You are developing your idea into a business model and/or testing the assumptions in your business model in the market. You can join one of our incubation programs or apply for coaching to further build your product, service, team and business model. The goal is to find product market fit.</mark> <p></p> Acceleration<br> You have developed your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and are generating substantial revenues through your customers. You can join one of our accelerator programs to equipt your business for growth and investment The goal is to grow and scale the business

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Impact Hub Accra

A locally rooted, globally connected and inclusive home for innovators. Our inspirational plug and play spaces are a hive for co-working, private office space, conference room rental, vibrant networking events, incubation and acceleration programs. We look forward to seeing you soon. <p></p> At Impact Hub Accra, <mark> we believe that the world’s greatest challenges will never be solved by one person or organization alone. We need to work together. That’s why we set out to create a thriving innovation ecosystem where people collaborate across organizations, cultures and generations to solve the grand challenges of our time.</mark>

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Africa Startup (Gambia)

Africa Startup (Gambia) is a charitable foundation based in Norway with the mission to improve livelihoods in The Gambia through education in agricultural innovation, environmental protection and entrepreneurship. <p></p> The Entrepreneurship Lab uses successful training materials and methods developed in Africa over several years. Each material has been tested many times in real life training programs implemented by both Africa Startup and Leap Learning. <p></p> The Entrepreneurship Lab <mark>covers a complete curriculum of key business principles and engages students on everything from why and how to start a business, to marketing, controlling money, and creating an action plan. </mark>

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The Startup Incubator Center

We are the first ever business incubator center in the Gambia. The Startup Incubator Center is a co-working space for young entrepreneurs, with cubicles, computers, high-speed internet, printing and a fully equipped training room with a capacity of 25 participants. This center staged clients who met and discussed with mentors and did site visits by incubator clients. <p></p> We find that <mark>Startups face common challenges as they seek to transform their ideas into successful, high-growth businesses. Getting connected to the right insights, mentors, influencers, industry partners, and investors can make or break a startup.</mark> Joining Startup Incubator means you're joining a global community in getting exposure for your startup and the orchestrated facilitation of resources through our network of contacts. <p></p> We provide both an incubation and accelerator program for young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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In Côte d'Ivoire, the field of entrepreneurship has been on the rise for some time. Indeed, what was once neglected by the people is becoming the sector most coveted by the majority of people. <p></p> However, the installation of young companies is sometimes difficult. This is often due to <mark>difficulties related to administrative procedures or the physical location of their business (expensive rents; electricity, telephone, internet or even water bills).</mark> <p></p> Sensitive to the pain of the latter and being also entrepreneurs, we set up Burolis in order to offer solutions favorable to entrepreneurs. <p></p> Our Services <p></p> Business Creation<br> You want to get into entrepreneurship, but you have no knowledge of the field? Worry no more, <mark>Burolis will help you to set up your business.</mark> Backed by our teams of professionals, we guarantee you quality services that will allow you to quickly be at the head of your own business. For this, we provide you with all the information likely to guide you in this new adventure. <p></p> Coworking<br> Over the years, working methods change. Today, one of the most fashionable is certainly coworking. This process gives you the opportunity to work with professionals from different fields working for various companies in a common space. According to many professionals, <mark>coworking promotes professional exchanges and allows you to broaden your area of ​​expertise.</mark> It is in this perspective that Burolis represents an opportunity for young entrepreneurs. Indeed, thanks to its expertise in the field, Burolis offers you spaces adapted to coworking. Wherever you are, you can join us in our offices equipped for this purpose. You will find professionals who look like you and you can share tips with them. <p></p> Linking<br> Linking is a service that consists of putting one or more people in touch. There are 2 types, <mark>namely private contact with one-to-one meetings and professional contact, which is increasingly done via digital platforms.</mark> Burolis offers quality services in professional networking. Thanks to our address book and the number of professionals with whom we work, we have the possibility of quickly finding you a service provider, regardless of the field. <p></p> Domiciliation<br> Business domiciliation is a process that aims to <mark>help companies that do not have a registered office to have one.</mark> In an era in which the field of freelancing is on the rise, this type of practice represents a real boon, especially for young companies. Indeed, the latter do not always have the means to rent premises of a good standard and to provide the minimum of services to a sometimes demanding clientele. <p></p> Burolis meets this need by allowing you to benefit from an address located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city. The choice of this location is important insofar as it represents a guarantee of security for your potential customers and partners.

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African Startup Forum

The Economic Forum of Startups and Young African Founders for the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation, incubators and investors, creation, development, of startups. Includes a coworking space, <mark>3Space a shared workspace, but also a network of workers encouraging exchange and openness.</mark>

Impact Hub Abidjan - school image
Impact Hub Abidjan

Impact Hub Abidjan is a catalyst for fostering social innovation. We are a community that offers entrepreneurs support and a creative space. We work to develop entrepreneurship and create impact in collaboration with everyone. <p></p> Our coworking space saves you time and gives you freedom work. Make the choice of a space totally adapted to your aspirations and come and work with complete peace of mind in a professional environment. Rent our conference rooms. Hold your events at Impact Hub Abidjan. Participate in incubation and acceleration programs that will allow you to accelerate your development. <p></p> Join our program <p></p> Innov’Keneya is a healthcare innovation Ecosystem conceived to tackle and create solutions for the most pressing challenges surrounding the cancer Patient journey in Côte d’Ivoire. It aims to do so, on one hand, by bringing together and pooling resources from the most important and influential players of the cancer ecosystem. On the other hand, <mark>Innov’Keneya leverages their knowledge, expertise, and assets to bring Innovative solutions to tackle those complex challenges across the Healthcare delivery value chain in a collaborative approach.</mark>

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Focus Lab Ouaga

Focus Lab is a center for incubating start-ups and promoting innovative projects, bringing together several sectors of activity. Focus Lab has set itself the task of supporting start-ups in Burkina Faso in their <mark>creation and development so that they are sustainable businesses with a strong socio-economic impact for the country.</mark>

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Sira Labs

Incubator of innovative projects; Growth accelerator for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector; Training Center in ICT and Business Management. In addition, Sira Labs offers a creative co-working place in the heart of Ouagadougou's business center. Our fully equipped offices are located on UEMOA avenue, in a ten minutes walk from the international airport. <mark>Sira Labs will allow you to extend your business network in Burkina Faso by sharing your workplace with others coworkers. </mark>

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La Fabrique

La Fabrique is an incubator entirely dedicated to supporting social and responsible businesses in West Africa. Accompaniment, co-working, advice, training make it possible to give life to the greatest ambitions! <p></p> Convinced that social entrepreneurship is an effective way of growth and development for Burkina Faso, La Fabrique has given itself the mission of <mark>identifying project leaders and co-constructing with them sustainable companies with a strong impact on the society and/or the environment.</mark> It is now possible to combine social impact and economic performance to develop territories sustainably: this is what La Fabrique and the entrepreneurs it supports demonstrate on a daily basis.

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Burkina Business Incubator

The Burkina Business Incubator Association (BBI) is an incubation center for SMEs, a framework for the maturation of ideas for innovative projects and for training in business creation, business development, a real common work space whose main purpose is to promote entrepreneurship through the selection of innovative and high-potential projects and their support from the idea to the launch, including the economic model, studies, training of the promoter, mobilization of resources and the creation of the business. BBI prioritizes projects from the following areas: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Agro-industry, Tourism and Hospitality, Renewable Energy and Environment, and crafts. <p></p> The main objective of BBI is to <mark>participate in the economic growth of Burkina Faso and local development through support for the anchoring of the culture of entrepreneurship and self-employment, business creation, strengthening the capacities of existing SMEs, promoting innovation and facilitating access to financial and technical partnerships.</mark> BBI combines a program and a physical space that allow it to offer the following services: <br> - Reception and accommodation of project leaders at low rent; <br> - Shared services: (internet, telephone, offices, equipment, reception, conference rooms, cafeteria, etc.) <br> - Advice and assistance services relating both to daily operations (legal, personnel, banking relations, accounting) and to strategic aspects (advice, development of business plans, marketing advice, financial advice, industrial property, etc.) ; <br> - Training in entrepreneurship and various aspects of business management and individual coaching; <br> - Linking through financial, technological, commercial networks that allow the company to have access to partners, customers, etc. <br> - Assistance in the creation of the company and follow-up in the operation until a certain stage of growth or maturation or autonomy.

2iE Incubator - school image
2iE Incubator

2iE incubator is the first technological and social incubator in Burkina. Based in an engineering school and backed by 3 research laboratories, 2iE Incubator has been operational since 2012 and supports innovative projects and companies with a strong social and/or environmental impact. It facilitates the maturation of projects and offers managerial, technical, scientific and financial support. More specifically, the incubated project leader can access many services offered by the incubator, and its network of scientific, private and institutional partners. <p></p> Today, according to the needs of the project leader, 2iE incubator adapts the support formula offered, on site or remotely, according to an incubation collaboration contract drawn up with the entrepreneur supported. ). <p></p> 2iE incubator is also an accelerator and an incubator for companies already created wishing to quickly scale up and/or set up and domicile their activities on 2iE sites in order to benefit from preferential conditions. <mark>The objective is to help them scale up by accessing the financing vehicles best suited to their growth needs.</mark>

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EtriLabs, an ecosystem of entrepreneurs creating innovative solutions. An innovation ecosystem that educates young entrepreneurs and promotes excellence in Africa. EtriLabs is a project of Educational Technology and Research International (ETRI), a non-governmental organization 501 (c) (3) dedicated to the use of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICTD). <mark>EtriLabs helps developers, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, businesses and governments to create and / or use of innovative technological solutions.</mark>

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Djanta Tech Hub

The technology campus designed to promote and enhance entrepreneurship, creativity and economic development through digital, technology, innovation and research. <p></p> Do you have a startup? Check it out with Djanta Tech Hub! <p></p> <mark>The Djanta Tech Hub technological campus, initiated by the Togolese government in collaboration with private partners, is designed to promote and value entrepreneurship, creativity and economic development through digital. technology, innovation and research.</mark> <p></p> As part of its approach to accompanying technology entrepreneurship and supporting innovation, Djanta Tech Hub is starting a process to identify startups in order to: <br> - Inviting you to become a member of Djanta Tech Hub and benefit from the various opportunities offered: Incubation, participation in events, getting in touch with potential partners, sharing useful and practical information to grow your business, etc. <br> - To establish statistics on the state of startups in Togo.

Minodoo - school image

Minodoo community are a gathering of dynamic young people around the values ​​of collaborative work, knowledge sharing, and citizen engagement through ICTs, but also youth entrepreneurship. In fact, it is a social innovation factory and a space for the appropriation of the computer tool. Within the Minodoo community, we advocate a horizontal and transparent way of working, while involving citizens in solving their daily problems. <mark>Minodoo’s primary asset is its multidisciplinary team. Coming from various backgrounds far from technology, they are all self-taught geeks and passionate about what they’re doing.</mark>

WoeLab - school image

Open to all, the WoeLab, with its 1300m² of space, is an network of social incubators based in Lomé, Togo, where new approaches of productive collaboration and inclusive entrepreneurship in an African context. <p></p> <mark>WoeLab aims to welcome and accompany young people and unpack their potential by introducing them to the startup culture.</mark> <p></p> It includes various programs and startup initiatives within a radius of 1 km around WoeLab, addressing different urban issues; waste management (SCoPE), food and energy resources (Urbanattic), digital currency (Sys’Woe), etc. All of the projects are managed and owned collectively, making it possible to foreshadow pioneering digital collectivism in the critique of digital capitalism

CIPMEN - school image

Created in 2013 on the basis of a public-private partnership, the CIPMEN (Incubator Center for Small and Medium Enterprises in Niger), the first business incubator in Niger and one of the largest in West Africa. The main objective of the incubator thus created is to <mark>offer quality support to companies and carriers of ideas in the fields of digital technology,</mark> renewable energies, the environment, agribusiness and other sectors. contributing to sustainable development. <p></p> CIPMEN aims to support entrepreneurs in terms of business strategy, entrepreneurial capacity building and business management on their projects. <p></p> In order to better support our entrepreneurs, we have tailor-made coworking spaces.

Kebbi Innovation and Tech Hub - school image
Kebbi Innovation and Tech Hub

Kebbi Innovation and Tech Hub is a world class hub in the heart of Birnin Kebbi that brings ICT education, innovation and startup support to Kebbi State. <mark>The hub is equipped with state of the art training facilities, robotics labs, co-working space, privates offices, meeting rooms, dining areas at affordable rates.</mark> The hub also has a 24/7 power supply, blazing internet and a conducive and secured environment. The best hub so far in North west Nigeria by my experience!

Kada Hive Hub - school image
Kada Hive Hub

We are Kada Hive Hub, a catalyst for creating a collaborative space and community where ideas ignite, business incubates and social change makers and entrepreneurs innovate. <mark>The Hub is a place for technologists, social entrepreneurs, government, tech companies, impact investors, and hackers in and around Kaduna to co-create new solutions to the many social problems in Nigeria.</mark> <p></p> Vision<br> Today, we are a leading Innovation Hub and Startup Incubator based in Kaduna with a global mindset. We continue to build an ecosystem of startups, mentors, global partners, corporates and government representatives that enable us to drive innovation and fill the gap between technology and industries in a human-centric way. We aim to collaborate and partner with more industry leaders as we continue to drive innovation in the startup industry and beyond. <p></p> Mission<br> Founded in 2021, Kada Hive Hub is built to “exploit the value for inclusivity”. Kada Hive Hub began with the vision to level the playing field for entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, innovators and startups, regardless of their background, and help them positively impact their industries and communities through a business ecosystem and co-working space that nurtures and boosts the success of the diverse community it encompasses.

Arccelerate - school image

On the occasion of World Entrepreneurship Week, Arc Informatique and Jokkolabs are launching Arccelerate, a startup growth acceleration program dedicated to Senegal. <mark>Arccelerate offers a complete solution adapted to the Tech & Digital challenges faced by Senegalese companies, whether they are at the preliminary stage of their development or in critical size acquisition issues (scalability).</mark> Mentoring, Cloud offers and co-working:<br> The program is open to startups made up of at least 2 people (no individual founder ), engaged full-time and having an incorporated company. <p></p> A specific acceleration program is developed for each team and gives access to a range of high added value services:<br> LEARN <br> - To support project leaders in clarifying their business project <p></p> BUILD <br> - To provide access to the expertise and infrastructure of ARC Informatique and Jokkolabs to existing companies that need to consolidate their project <p></p> GROW <br> - To help established businesses with a tangible customer base grow and optimize their infrastructure

Businesss Incubation Center - school image
Businesss Incubation Center

The Business Incubation Center (BIC) is a business incubator that aims to create a favorable environment for the emergence of innovative companies with high potential for scale. <p></p> The Incubator appears to support the affirmation of micro, small and medium-sized companies by creating an environment that stimulates, in a market logic, the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, aiming at innovation and the generation of economically sustainable companies in Cape Verde. <p></p> Acceleration Program <br>What is it?<br> The Ideas Acceleration Program aims to <mark>work with entrepreneurs who are in the validation phase of their idea and Business Model.</mark> The Program is quite intense, normally developed for a period of 4 and a half months and aims to develop 5 essential business axes: <br> - Entrepreneur <br> - Management <br> - Technology <br> - Marketplace <br> - Financial <p></p> Objective<br> The Ideas Acceleration Program has 6 specific objectives that it aims to achieve. <p></p> Business Incubation Program <br>What is it?<br> The Business Incubation Program aims to <mark>work with companies that are in the start-up phase of the Business.</mark> The Program is developed for a period of 24 months (2 years) and aims to develop 5 essential business axes: <br> - Entrepreneur <br> - Management <br> - Technology <br> - Marketplace <br> - Financial <p></p> Soft Landing Program <br>What is it?<br> The Soft Landing Program aims to <mark>support companies or entrepreneurs residing in foreign countries who want to start a business activity in Cape Verde. The Program is developed according to the characteristics and needs of the Promoter.</mark> <p></p> Objective<br> Provide the Promoter with a set of essential information for the implementation of the business in Cape Verde, guarantee access to entities and companies relevant to the business in question and guarantee administrative and logistical support in this process.

Suguba - school image

We foster a more integrated West Africa by stimulating entrepreneurship in the region by empowering youth and women to lead a journey of economic self-determination. <p></p>Our programs focus on: <mark><br> - Help entrepreneurs obtain financing in national and international markets. <br> - Develop strong, financially self-sufficient and interconnected hubs across the region. <br> - Facilitated regional expansion of entrepreneurs and regional partnerships.</mark> <br> - Organize conferences and symposia that promote regional integration

Impact Hub Bamako - school image
Impact Hub Bamako

Impact Hub Bamako first implementation in French-speaking Africa, considered as the largest network of incubators and innovation centers (social and technological) in the world. They are an innovation hub that is focused on job creation, youth engagement and innovation. <p></p> <mark>Bamako Impact Hub has a collaborative workspace. Impact Hub Bamako is affiliated with Net Impact Global Hub, the first global network of business incubators, laboratories for innovation and social entrepreneurs communities (100+hubs, more than 16 000 members in 50 countries).</mark> <p></p> Bamako Impact Hub also provides training, incubation and acceleration programs open to all businesses but specialized on young entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs in agriculture and agribusiness.

Information Technology of the Gambia - school image
Information Technology of the Gambia

The Information Technology of the Gambia (ITAG) was incorporated under the Gambia Companies Act 1955 on the 3rd of August 2004. The organization is operated through its Executive Committee, and Advisory committee in consultation with its membership base.</p> <p>The Organization was solely formed by professionals within the ICT ecosystem of the Gambia and in diaspora whose sole aim was to collaborate, explore and develop the ICT community in the Gambia. The organizations membership cuts across a wide spectrum of professionals covering all aspects of ICT.</p> <p>Since Inception the organization has not only been committed to promoting the ICT industry in the Gambia but has continuously been pro active in the developments of ICT in the country. The Ministry of Information Communication and Infrastructure has recognized ITAG as the sole ICT professional organization in the Gambia. The ministry continuously collaborates with ITAG towards various ICT initiatives of the Gambia Government of which ITAG members play a critical role.</p> Benefits <ul> <li> Facilitate the attendance of local and International Seminars / conferences</li> <li>Forge partnerships and facilitate business opportunities among stakeholders</li> <li><mark>Provide avenues for career development and counseling through workshops / seminars in schools and higher institutions</mark></li> <li>Create avenue for staff acquisition through our student membership base for corporate members</li> <li>Create sensitization and awareness on ICT policy / standards through workshops and seminars</li> <li> Provide opportunities for students to take part in ICT International competitions / events to show case their talents</li> <li>Facilitate tailor-made training for individuals and institutions.</li> <li>ITAG membership dues are paid annually and covers from January to December of each calendar year.</li> </ul>

Management Development Institute - school image
Management Development Institute

In all sectors of the Gambian economy, there is a high demand for skilled IT professionals with a vast knowledge of the field. Students who complete MDI’s IT courses are desirable employees for any company. <mark>Students gain hands-on critical experience in solving problems that computer specialists face daily in the profession.</mark> <p></p> MDI is the first CISCO networking academy and has continued to attract more students from the private sector. The Department is continuing to develop its IT programmes into how best IT training can benefit middle and senior level public servants who also need the skills to perform in an integrated global knowledge based society. <p></p> Students are assured of relevant, current, and practical training in ICT at MDI.

Disruptive Lab - school image
Disruptive Lab

Our purpose is to elevate all forms of businesses, especially technology focused startups and established IT companies by providing them with the right work environment, be able to connect these businesses with others with shared interests and to create better products and services. The Disruptive Lab and its initiatives were created to increase and accelerate economic inclusion. With highly trained technology professionals in Cloud Services, Cyber Security, and coding; The Gambia is poised to be a Hub for Tech talent. <p></p> Our space offers shared workspaces such as desks, private office and conference rooms to tech start-ups, tech companies and a diverse group of professional services companies that serve The Gambia's tech community. These range from Angel investors, Solo practitioner Attorneys, Finance and Accounting Professionals, and more. A requirement for all professional services companies that lease space at <mark>The Disruptive Lab will be to provide mentorship to the start-ups and other co-tenants. These will be delivered via one-on-one sessions, Workshops, Lunch & Learns, and other customized coaching and mentorship programs.</mark>

Andela - school image

Andela is a network of technologists committed to your success. We connect companies and global talent to create high-performing technology teams. <p></p> Andela was created with one thing in mind; Brilliance is evenly distributed, but opportunity isn’t. Our platform bridges that gap. <p></p> <mark>We specialize in helping our highly-skilled, global technology talent community in emerging markets, connect with hundreds of leading companies like InVision, Cloudflare, and ViacomCBS who leverage Andela to scale their technology teams quickly and cost-effectively. </mark>

Elerinmosa Resource Hub - school image
Elerinmosa Resource Hub

Elerinmosa Resource Hub Limited, we provide numerous services targeted at improving the Digital literacy of the Youths, Adults and development of human resources. <p></p> As a resource hub, the organisation has lived up to its expectations by <mark>bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and technical capacity in Nigeria through collaborations with renowned ICT brands worldwide.</mark> In addition, it has partnered with the National Youth Service Corps as a SAED trainer to deliver technical skills and professional training to Nigerian youths in Osun State and beyond. Through its different outreach programmes and corporate social responsibilities, the organisation sensitises youths and adults on digital literacy.

Hebron Startup - school image
Hebron Startup

Hebron Startup Lab a Startup Lab founded in Covenant University to harness knowledge and ideas to take them from concept to products to market. <p></p> Incubation process & work concept<br> Ideation<br> Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas. <br><br> Validation<br> It's the process of testing and validating your idea prior to launching your business name, tagline, product, service or website. <br><br> Incubation<br> <mark>is a process for bringing ideas into reality and is initiated with a concept that is the product of a gap and a marketable solution.</mark> <br><br> Acceleration<br> develops innovation and acceleration programs to help organizations build innovation capability, design new business models, products, and services.

Passion Incubator - school image
Passion Incubator

Passion Incubator is a technology incubator/accelerator with expertise in innovation program design and tech investments.<br><br> We collaborate with corporate organizations, government agencies, embassies and universities to design, manage and implement startup programs.<br><br> Our long-term goal is to be the most prolific supporter of impactful innovation development, startup incubation and seed stage investment.<br><br> We aim to increase the number of partnerships between corporates and startups by creating platforms for innovators and business owners to connect and exchange value.<br>

Venture Garden Group - school image
Venture Garden Group

Venture Garden Group is Africa’s largest technology holding conglomerate, building and scaling innovative companies solving inefficiencies in high impact sectors across Africa. We scale companies by injecting capital, technology platforms and business advisory services, to drive sustained growth. <p></p> <mark>We incubate and invest in technology companies. We provide the resources needed to create great products and enable them to scale faster than ever before. We are the masters of scale. </mark>

Olotu Square - school image
Olotu Square

We are a tech Innovation Hub that provides the resources for techies and businesses to thrive and become successful. <p></p> Our Believes <br> - - We believe collaboration is the way to build the future. <br> - We aim to create a future where there is equal opportunity to thrive, where ample resources are within reach to everyone no matter the location. <br> - We believe in honesty, goodwill, equality, and truth. <br> - <mark>We dream of a future where innovations reign supreme in every corner of Africa and everyone has access to different levels of support to birth dreams.</mark>

Startup Kano - school image
Startup Kano

The core of our business is to foster and accelerate the growth of startup companies to become sustainable businesses, Provide local solutions that will change the face of the society, conquer the local market and go global. <p></p> <mark>We Create Opportunities For Women in Technology And Entrepreneurship. We Equip Women-Led Businesses with the Right Tools, Skills, And Network to Grow. We curate the Largest Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference In Nigeria.</mark> <p></p> Startup Kano is an open lab and incubation space that promotes and advocates entrepreneurship and digital inclusion providing a conducive and friendly environment that supports peer learning and collaboration.

Genesys Tech Hub - school image
Genesys Tech Hub

We create opportunities for young Nigerian techies and entrepreneurs to grow and innovate, and a platform for the collaborations that make the impossible a day’s work. We are committed to mentoring a generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with a focus on excellence, constant growth and improvement. <p></p> <mark>We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it, for it is not in the stars to hold our destinies but in ourselves. We have taken the first step towards creating better opportunities for our people and forging a better narrative about young Nigerians.</mark>

Enspire - school image

enspire is a technology centric incubation program for early-stage startups focused on building viable businesses. The program commenced in 2013 and has supported more than 200 startups and individuals in various economic sectors in Nigeria. We run a quarterly ideation program for a maximum of 20 startups where they are mentored, advised and put on the path for minimum viable product development. <mark>The incubation programs are solely focusing on early stage businesses most especially at ideation stage.</mark> <p></p> enspire is amongst the major initiatives of Abuja Technology Village Free Zone Company (ATV). It seeks to stimulate economic growth and sustainable job creation through innovation, entrepreneurship, enterprise development and technology commercialization by providing training, mentoring, networking opportunities and access to investors.

 enspire is located in Abuja, Nigeria.